New Feature: Bankroll Filter

We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the site, a bankroll filter.  Bankroll is an extremely important consideration when completing casino offers, being the amount of money that you have set aside in order to do casino offers.   Every single offer that you see on Team Casino will come with a bankroll recommendation, shown as the number next to the Piggy Bank symbol. You should only ever attempt an offer if you have at least as much bankroll as our offer guidance recommends.  If you complete offers that require a larger bankroll than you have, then you will be taking too much of a risk and this can lead to unsustainable losses.

We have added the bankroll filter to make it incredibly quick and easy for you to see exactly which offers you have a suitable bankroll for, and therefore see which offers you should be completing.  Available on both the welcome offers and reload offers pages, all you need to do is enter your current bankroll amount into the bankroll box (located in the filters section at the top of the pages) and it will automatically filter out any offers which require a larger bankroll.

For example, if you have a £300 bankroll, you would enter the following:

We hope you like this new feature, but if you have any questions, or have a suggestion for a new feature that you would like to see added to Team Casino, please don’t hesitate to contact us!