Team Casino Black Friday Sale

We're feeling very generous this Black Friday!

For a limited time only, we're offering you the opportunity to:

Upgrade to our annual membership for just £120!

Compared with our monthly plan (£19.99/month), that's a saving of 50%.

Team Casino for £10 a month…it really is a no brainer…

How To Take Advantage

Lock in this awesome deal in 3 quick steps:

  1. Go to the Payment Details tab of the My Account page
  2. Click On “Black Friday Sale: Annual Membership For Just £120!”
  3. Follow The On-Screen Instructions To Upgrade

This deal is only available until Monday 29th November, but may close sooner based upon demand!

What Happens To My Old Monthly Subscription?

If you pay by Debit Card, your monthly subscription will automatically cancel. Your new expiry date will be 365 days + any remaining days from your old subscription.

If you pay via Paypal – your expiry date will update to be 365 days from the upgrade date. Within 48 hours, we will cancel your old subscription and issue a partial refund for any remaining days on your old sub.

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