TC Members Have Spoken!

Last week we asked you to vote in the Facebook Group for the top 5 offers that you would like to see the profit tracker stats for that Team Casino has collected. We thought it would be interesting to see how member’s profits compared to the mathematical EV of some offers.  We hoped this would reassure members that, even if they have had a bad experience on an offer, that the value is there to carry on. We hoped that TC members were going to pick the offers that usually see the most negative comments and you did not disappoint!

Without further ado here are the 5 offers that were selected:

  • Gala Bingo Happy Wheel

  • Aspers Wager £10 Get 5-100 Spins On Narcos

  • Foxy’s Wager £10 On Slingo Get £5 Bonus

  • Sky Casino Stake £10 Get 5 Spins

  • Boylesports Weekend Hotslot

1. Gala Bingo Happy Wheel

The top voted offer was the Gala Bingo Happy Wheel.  Gala Bingo decided to change the eligible slot on which the offer ran, and some have suggested that the offer is no longer worthwhile.  Since the change to the new slot, members have collectively smashed this offer 2689 times with the profits almost bang on the EV line! This offer has produced some swingy results with it being the only offer of the 5 to produce a day with a negative total profit/loss.

2. Aspers – Wager £10 On Narcos Get 5 To 100 Spins

Next on the list is the dreaded Narcos wheel on Aspers! The medium/high variance Netent slot has gained a reputation for being dead spin central so how did it perform? With 8880 completions and a massive £23,468.81 profit I think it is safe to say this is a good offer! We list this offer with 55p EV based upon receiving the minimum 5 free spins, but state the EV will be higher because some members will win more than 5 free spins. 

As you can see from the results the average profit per completion is £2.53 so way above the EV on the offer confirming that the average number of spins are around the 15 mark. While avoiding any negative days, the results on a day by day basis vary as you would expect with variance.

3. Foxy Games Slingo Wager £10 Get £5 (RIP)

Foxy Games Slingo, which perhaps started out as Team Casino’s most hated game of 2020, is next on the list. Despite its high EV and x1 bonus wagering we have had a lot of questions about if this offer is worth doing. As you can see below after 4974 completions by members the total profit and EV are almost identical with the daily profit per completion making it well worth completing.

4. Sky Casino Stake £10 Get 5 Free Spins

Next should be a solid part of every Team Casino members routine, the Sky Casino Stake £10 Get 5 Free Spins! It is no surprise to see this offer has been completed a massive 46,470 times by members so far, nor that the daily profit is very close to the EV! A solid EV and profit for a few minutes work each day would pocket you a tidy £350 a year!

5. Boylesports Weekend Hotslot

Next up is Boylesports Weekend Hotslot. Every weekend it pops up with a different slot, and a varying EV caused by different free spin sizes. Based on this the best and worst days vary significantly, partially due to some offers being as high as £7 and as low as £1.90. Despite the varying EV we can again see that the Profit and EV per completion are remarkably close even from a sample size of 3896.


All of the offers looked at, selected by yourselves, have almost identical EV’s to profit.  Even the Aspers offer, where we regularly hear complaints about Narcos being a bad slot, or members only ever receiving the minimum 5 free spins, showed a profit of £2.50 per completion, not bad!   These offers are all fine examples of why it is beneficial to complete an offer even if you are personally having a bad run.  This just shows why you should TRUST THE EV!!  Complete these offers regularly enough, following our instructions and with the right bankroll management, and you will make a profit.

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