January Giveaway

As the start of a new month, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to review the month just gone, set ourselves some goals for February, and also do a giveaway!   We’re giving away an exclusive Team Casino Mug & £10 Amazon voucher, at random, to 5 members. All you have to do to enter is the following:
  • Share with us an image of your Team Casino graph, using either the “Last 30 Days”, “Last 12 Months By Month” filter on the My History page.  

  • Tell us what your goal/s for the month of February are.    One thing that we think is crucial to being successful at LR casino, is trying to ignore your day-to-day results, and focus purely on your EV over the longer term. As such, we are challenging you all to try and forget about your daily profits and losses and instead set yourself a goal for how much EV you want to make this month. For instance, maybe you’d like to make £15 EV per day on average, to make almost £500 EV over the month.

Submit these as a comment on our giveaway post in the Facebook Group for your chance to win!  We’ll be picking winners at random on Friday morning, so get your entries in by the end of Thursday!

Enter Here!

Not on Facebook? 

Don’t worry, you can still submit your entry by email.  Send us an image of your graph, and tell us your February goal to: [email protected]

Not used the profit tracker yet?

New to Team Casino, or not yet started using the profit tracker? Just complete at least 3 offers, add them to your profit tracker and then share your graph to take part (instructions for using the profit tracker here: https://www.teamcasino.com/using-team-casino-casino-guide