Offer Commenting

Team Casino is pleased to announce the re-release of Offer Commenting!  Alongside discussing offers in the Facebook Group, you can now discuss offers directly from the Welcome Offers And Reload Offers pages.   Maybe you’ve got a question about a particular offer, encountered an issue, such as not having your free spins credited, or you’ve noticed a way to complete the offer more easily, such as turning on the slot’s turbo mode.  This integrated comments feature is the perfect place to not only get your own questions answered, but to also help out your fellow Team Casino members!

Available On Every Offer

For every offer on the Welcome Offers and Reload Offers pages, clicking show details will reveal both the offer instructions, as normal, and below this the comments section.  Here you will see any comments already left by member’s, and you can also add your comments.  All you’ll need to do is click login, sign into your Facebook Account, and accept the pop-up message.

Not Linked To Facebook

The previous comments system was ran through an application of Facebook, which meant that, Facebook bugs would sometimes cause member’s comments being shared to their Facebook Wall. This new comments system is no longer managed through Facebook and this will therefore not happen. With the new comments feature, Facebook is solely used to get a member’s name and profile picture and is in no way linked to their Facebook profile.

Ideas for things to comment on:
  • Any questions about how to complete the offer

  • Reporting an issue with Team Casino’s instructions – link not working, typos etc.

  • Reporting an issue with an offer – free spins not crediting, promotions page showing as expired etc.

  • Tips to help other members complete the offer – make sure you turn on turbo mode, its quite high variance so keep the spin size small etc.

Please Try And Avoid:
  • Moaning – Comments such as “this is a rubbish offer” or “this is a really bad slot etc” are rarely useful. Team Casino have considered the EV of an offer and the most suitable slot and approach before posting the offer. These are worthwhile offers, and members should make a decision as to whether to attempt them based upon their EV, amount of wagering, and our bankroll recommendation for the offer.  Comments that put members off completing offers, or that encourage them to take an alternative approach, can be detrimental.

We’re working on lots of exciting new features, to be announced very soon!  If you have any suggestions for features that you would like to see added to Team Casino, then we would love to hear them, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!