September Update

Summer may be coming to an end, but the sun still shines on casino offers and there are lots of opportunities to make hay!  As September begins, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to update you on what we achieved in August, and look ahead to what’s planned in September.  

August Review

A great month for Team Casino.  We announced a number of new features, have grown to over 900 members in the Team Casino Facebook Group, and together we made almost £200,000 of EV!  

Welcome Offers

 On Thursday we revealed our newly revamped welcome offers section, designed to make it quicker, easier and more profitable than ever before to smash through the casino welcome offers.  This has over 75 casino welcome offers, with over £900 of expected profit! If you haven’t completed all of them yet, I’d highly recommend doing so. Find out more here.

Reload Offers

The EV doesn’t stop at welcome offers. Once you’ve completed those, it’s time to move onto reload offers!  In a typical week, we post low risk offers with around £150-£200 of EV, and a similar amount from medium risk offers, so these can be very lucrative.  Take a look at our reload offers section, updated daily, and consider starting to hit the reload offers that sit within your bankroll.

New Features

We are constantly striving to make Team Casino as useful and user friendly as possible, and over the last few weeks we have announced a number of new features, including:

Whats Coming Up In September?

As well as continuing to be the go to place for casino offers, we’re working on a number of exciting guides and features to make your casino experience even better.  These include: 

  • New Offer Notifications – soon you’ll be able to opt in to be notified when new welcome offers and reload offers get added.

  • Improved statistics for every offer: we’re working on new statistics to help you understand the variance of every offer, what spin size to be using, and which offers to prioritise.

  • Pending Custom Offers: Soon you’ll be able to mark custom offers as pending, so that you never forget about free spins or bonuses that are credited at a later date.

  • Offer type guides: such as how to approach the medium risk offers, bingo offers etc.

  • A mega guide full of essential casino offer tips!

Any Questions or Feedback?

If you have any questions about any of the Team Casino features, or about an offer, or have feedback on how we could improve, then don’t hesitate to contact us!