Starting Medium Risk Offers

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Josh Hughes
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Medium risk offers can be a great way to increase your total EV, and hopefully your long term profits


Medium risk offers, have a higher level of risk than low risk offers.

This might be because they need a larger level of wagering, involve high variance slots, or are low value.

Because of this, these offers tend to have the potential to make large, frequent losses.

So you should only consider medium risk offers once you’ve gained some experience and built up your bankroll.

In this guide we discuss when and how to introduce medium risk offers into your routine.


Medium risk offers come with a higher bankroll recommendation.

This is so you can withstand the potential losses.

The bankroll recommendation is usually over £1,000.

Please pay close attention to the recommendations. They are there to ensure you aren’t taking too much risk.

Not All Medium Risk Offers Are Born Equal

The wagering required and bankroll recommendation for these offers varies significantly.

Some might have less than £1000 bankroll required, whilst others are as high as £3000.

A higher bankroll recommendation = higher risk = more potential for large losses

When starting medium risk, focus on the offers with the lower recommendations.

Something else that you can consider is what your potential losses are.

For instance, consider two example offers:

Offer 1: 20% Cashback On Losses Up to £20

Approach is to play a single £100 hand of blackjack

Offer 2: Wager £100 to get 50 free spins

Approach is to wager on a high RTP slot with a 20p-40p spin size.

Given the recommended approach to Offer 1, you would expect to lose £80 about 50% of the time.

This makes it a medium to high risk offer with about £3000 bankroll recommendation.

Offer 2 requires us to wager exactly the same amount, £100.

But, if you used a small spin size, then at worst you could perhaps finish pehaps £30-£40 down. You would never expect to lose the full £100.

This offer would be lower risk with a lower bankroll recommendation.

So Offer 2 would be a much more appropriate offer to attempt when new to medium risk offers.

Stake Sizing

Stake sizing is an important consideration.

It will impact the variance and risk of an offer significantly.

Imagine you completed all the low risk offers with a £2+ spin size. You would be taking a higher risk, high variance approach.

If you were to do some medium risk offers with a really small spin size, then this would make them quite low variance.

Keep your stake sizes small when wagering your own money to reduce the variance.

This doesn’t apply to offers where our instructions recommend a big spin size. You may need to use a big spin size for things like loss back offers.


Mindset is a big consideration for deciding whether to start medium risk offers.

Currently, how do you find your emotions during periods of bad variance?

When completing low risk offers, do you get angry or frustrated at losing periods? Or get tempted to gamble?

If so, you should consider whether you want to increase your variance by doing higher risk offers.

But if you trust the EV, and can tolerate the variance, then don’t be put off doing some medium risk offers.

No Pressure!

If you’re happy with doing only the low risk offers, then there is nothing wrong with sticking to these.

You shouldn’t feel any pressure to move onto medium risk offers.

There are always plenty of low risk offers, and you can make lots of EV from them, with less variance.

But, if you want to increase your EV, and have the suitable mindset and bankroll, then gradually introducing medium risk offers could be the way to go.


Medium risk offers can be a great way to increase the your total EV.

But they are not something that you should jump into feet first.

First ensure that you have the necessary bankroll and mindset.

Then, gradually ease your way into these offers, initially avoiding those with the potential for big losses.

As always, the support team is on hand to offer you advice and help with questions. So do get in contact if you are unsure!

We’ve Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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We’ve Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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