Team Casino Activity Log

A place to keep track of all of the latest Team Casino updates and improvements!

  • Browser Extension Pop-Out: The Team Casino Google Chrome Extension now has a button which allows it to be opened in a new window.  This allows you to keep it open alongside completing offers.  (Guide)

  • Notifications Centre: a new notifications centre, helping you to stay up to date with all of the latest offer comments, pending offer reminders and Team Casino news (Guide)

  • Offer Commenting Re-released: Alongside discussing offers in the Facebook Group, you can now discuss offers directly from the Welcome Offers And Reload Offers pages.  (Guide)

  • My History Page UpdatedRather than the My History page always showing the Profit Chart, Balance Tracker and Offer History, a toggle feature has now been added, meaning the page only shows one of these three features. You can then quickly click the Profit Chart, Balance Tracker and Offer History buttons to flick between the 3 features.   This saves having to regularly scroll up and down a large page.

  • Balance Tracker Sorting ToolsA sort by tool has been added to the Balance Tracker. You can now sort your balances either Alphabetically, or by the size of your balances, showing either your highest or lowest balances first.

  • Balance Tracker Updated: An ‘Add All From History’ button added to the My History Page balance tracker to make getting started with the tracker much faster

  • Slots Database Launched: a new tool to find the highest RTP slot by casino, and also compare the RTP and other stats of hundreds of slots (Guide)

  • Offer Layout Updated: a new offer layout to make our instructions for every offer as clear, consistent and concise as possible.  (Guide)

  • Bankroll Tracker Added: a new feature allowing you to keep track of your bankroll across all the casinos (Guide)

  • Completing Offers Efficiently Guide: a number of tips that we think can help you to smash offers quickly and efficiently (Guide)

  • EV Calculator and Guide LaunchedMaking understanding and calculating the offer of offers significantly easier (Guide)

  • High Risk Offers WarningA post explaining what high risk offers are, and why they are probably best avoided (Guide)

  • Bookmaker Gubbings And Casino OffersA post explaining how you may get gubbed by bookmakers from their sports offers, but still be able to complete their casino offers (Guide)

  • Withdrawing And Tracking Bankroll: a new guide discussing how to keep track of your bankroll, and when to make withdrawals. (Guide)

  • Starting Medium Risk Offers: a new guide discussing a few important considerations when looking to start medium risk offers (Guide)

  • Five Features That You Might Not Know About: a new guide on some amazing features that, if you are not currently using, you should be! (Guide)

  • Faster Login: Previously if you were not logged in, and tried to go directly to a page such as the Reload Offers, clicking login would take you to a seperate login page, and then once you logged in, it would take you to the Homepage, which convoluted the login process.  You can now login directly from whichever page you arrive on, and it doesn’t redirect you to the homepage.

  • Categories Removed From Search: On the offers pages, the categories and category descriptions no longer show when using the search function, making it much quicker and easier to find the search results.

  • My History Page Complete Button: A complete button has been added to the My History page, allowing you to mark pending offers as complete from here.

  • Daily Free Games Zero Results: When entering profits for the Daily Free Games, the tracker is now set to zero by default, allowing you to more quickly input results where no profit or loss was made.

  • FAQs: Team Casino frequently asked questions page released (FAQ Page)

  • Graph Formatting: Improved the formatting of graphs for mobile users on the My History page

  • Offer Notes: Added the ability to add notes when saving an offer as pending or complete (Blog Post)

  • Walkthrough Videos: videos showing exactly how to approach an offer added to a number of the welcome offers.

  • Small Bankroll Guide: A new guide outlining how to approach casino offers when starting with a small bankroll (Guide)

  • Why You Need Team Casino: a number of updates made to our guide explaining why you need Team Casino alongside a paid matched betting service (Blog Post)

  • Bankroll Filter: filter added which allows you to enter your current bankroll, and the offers pages will then only show offers suitable for you. (Blog Post)

  • Electraworks Casino Guide: new guide oultining how to approach offers from a number of casinos from within the group (Guide)

  • Google Chrome Browser Extension: a completely free-to-use tool that is designed to help you keep track of your casino offers. (Blog Post)

  • Offers To Avoid: a new section to the reload offers page containing offers that should not be attempted (Blog Post)