Getting The Most Out Of Team Casino

Getting Started

If you are new to Team Casino, then we strongly recommend starting with the ‘Getting Started‘ guides section.  This section has 7 guides which explain everything that you should know to begin profitably taking advantage of casino promotions.   We recommend giving yourself around an hour to familiarise yourself with these guides before then moving onto the other sections, as discussed below.

Welcome Offers

Once you have completed the Getting Started guides, you will hopefully be keen and feeling ready to get started on some offers.  The Welcome Offers page is the place to start. Here you will find a long list of welcome offers that are currently available and are +EV.  

We have ordered these welcome offers into categories, based upon the format of the offer, how complicated they are, and their level of risk.  To make your life as easy as possible, we have designed this page so that you can simply start from the offers at the top of the page, and then gradually work your way down through the categories.  This means starting with the Getting Started and Essential Offers, and Free Spins offers sections, before moving onto types of offer like Bonus Wagering and Live Casino Offer.  Within these categories, you will see casino guides.  These casino guides are aimed at building your knowledge as you work your way through the welcome offers, so we recommend taking the time to read them.

For each of these welcome offers, you will notice four icons with numbers next to them.  The first number, next to the piggy bank, is the minimum bankroll that we feel you should have to start this offer, the second is an estimate of how long the offer might take, and the third the expected value of the promotion.  The last figure is the EV per hour, which considers both the EV of an offer and how long it is expected to take.   If you decide to start an offer, click show details for more information on how to complete the offer, and then the ‘Go To Offer’ button to be taken the promotion.

You will notice on the top right hand side of the page a box which shows how many welcome offers you have available, and the expected value of these offers.  Below this, will be a graph showing the profit and expected value that you have achieved from your last 20 offers, and also a list of the offers that you have completed on that day.  

Reload Offers

The Reload Offers section is set up very similarly to the Welcome Offers page, except it shows the promotions that casinos are offering to their existing customers rather than new customers.  We suggest completing a number of the welcome offers before moving onto the reload offers. This page will be updated regularly to show the best reload offers available on that day. Just like with the welcome offers, we have categorised these by the level of risk, and also assigned minimum bankroll, time expectations and the EV to each offer.   You will also see in the top right the number of offers available and the expected value on that day.    You can also use the sort by buttons to order these offers by EV, the time required or the bankroll required.

Profit Tracking

Team Casino has been designed to allow you to track the profit and expected value of every single offer that you complete.  If it is an offer listed on the Welcome Offer or Reload Offers pages, click on the green box on that offer, which says ‘Complete’ with a tick, and you will be presented with this:

Simply enter the profit or loss (for example -1.72) that you achieved on the offer, and then click the yellow box that says ‘Save’ in order to save your result.  This will then remove this offer from your available list, and update your profit tracker, including your graph on the right hand side of the page. You also have the option to hide an offer, using the red box below each offer, perhaps because you have previously completed the offer, or because it doesn’t fit your bankroll.   If you have completed an offer that isn’t listed on Team Casino, you can add this to your tracker in the My History section, as mentioned below.

Pending Offer Tracker

For some offers, you will complete the wagering, but then have to wait until a later date to receive your free spins or bonus.  When you go to mark an offer as complete, if you select “Free spins/bonus later” then you are able to enter your wagering profit or loss, save the offer as pending, and then select to receive a notification when the free spins/bonus are due to be credited.  You’ll then be notified when they are ready to use, and you can add in your free spins/bonus profit and mark the offer as complete.   To find out more about this feature, please see our guide here

My History

The ‘My History’ section is where you can track your complete casino offer history.  Here you will find your Total EV and Total Profit numbers, as well as a list of all of the offers that you have completed.  These are sorted by date, with the most recent offers appearing first, but we will also be adding custom filters soon. You may find offers that are not listed on Team Casino (be sure to check that they are +EV and fit your risk tolerance).  On this page, you can add them to your tracker by selecting the Add Custom Offer button, and filling in the details, which will update your profit and EV tracker.  

On this page you will also find a graph comparing your profit and EV which can be set to show all time performance, the last 12 months or the last 30 days.


The tools section is where you will find our Slots Database, Google Chrome Extension and EV Calculator.

The Team Casino Slots Database allows you to find the best slots to use on over 100 casino sites, and you can search for slots (currently over 300 slots added, with many more to follow) to find vital information such as the RTP, minimum spin size, and whether there is turbo mode.  Plus, if you receive an offer that has a few eligible slots, you can look them up, and directly compare them via the Slots Database!

Alongside a comprehensive guide which explains what EV is, why it is important, and how it is calculated, Team Casino features an EV calculator which allows you to calculate the EV of some common offers that you might receive.   The guide shows you how to find all of the important information, like a slots RTP, the free spin value etc so that you can consider whether offers are worth doing, and for any more complicated offers, which feature wagering, you can always Contact Us we’ll happily advise you on whether an offer is worth doing, and what EV it has.

The Team Casino Google Chrome Browser Extension is a completely free-to-use tool that is designed to help you keep track of your casino offers!  It includes:

  • A counter designed to allow you to keep track of anything: number of spins, number of lots of autospin completed, blackjack hands played etc
  • Balance tracker to track your starting and end balance and overall profit/loss when completing an offer.
  • A wagering requirement calculator, allowing you to quickly work out how many spins or hands are required in order to complete a certain amount of wagering
  • The Blackjack Strategy which can be opened in a new window, so that you can easily view it whilst completing offers.

Gubbed Filter

If you’ve been matched betting, or doing casino offers, for a while, then chances are you’ll have been gubbed by a few sites, which is where they no longer allow you to take part in their promotions.  We know you probably don’t want to be seeing promotions on Team Casino for offers that you are excluded from, and you might have found it frustrating hiding these offers, which is where the new filter comes in.  Now, you are able to input the bookies and casinos that you are gubbed from, and no promotions will show in your welcome offers or reload offers sections going forwards, so you’ll only ever see offers that you should be eligible for!  Find out more about this feature here!

Casino Guides

In the Casino Guides section you will find a number of guides to help you through your casino journey.  These include the guides that you will have seen as part of your getting started walkthrough, as well as a number of other guides, such as the blackjack strategy, choosing the right slot, and cashback offers.  We will be adding new guides regularly, but if you have any ideas for new guides, please let us know.

Facebook Group

Last, but by no means least, make sure you’re part of our Facebook Group.   This is the perfect place to ask questions, interact with other members, and keep up to date on all of the latest casino news and offers.

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