• Name: Emma Rees

  • Average EV Per Week: £200

  • Average Hours Per Week:  20

  • Bankroll: £4.5k

EV/Profit Graph

How long have you been doing low risk casino offers?

I started doing some offers around 4 months ago, but started doing them properly 2 months ago when I joined Team Casino.

What were your biggest concerns about casino, and how did you overcome them?

As I had been matched betting for just over 2 months, I was used to no risk or very low risk offers with pretty much guaranteed profit. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I really didn’t want to lose any money.  I started by doing very small offers (bet £5/10 for free spins with no wagering, daily games etc) and found that I did well from them, which obviously increased my confidence. As my bankroll grew I was able to complete more offers. I had some nice wins which gave me the incentive to carry on. I tend to stick to low risk offers as I am still not comfortable doing offers with very high wagering, but there are lots of these on Team Casino.

What does your average day look like and how does low risk casino fit into it?

I am a stay at home mum to an almost 3 year old so I have to fit it around her. I am up early so manage to get an hour in most mornings. I tend to do the offers that are on every day during this time. I then have to get on with the rest of the day. When the reload offer post gets posted in the Facebook Group I turn on notifications for that so that I can keep a check on what is happening each day. At lunchtime I get about half an hour to log on to check the new offers for the day and see if any pending offers are due to be completed. I can also do some of the risk free offers then (sky prize machine etc). Most of the new daily offers are completed in the evening. I tend to spend 1-2 hours doing these and making sure everything is logged on the profit tracker.  I am gubbed with Betfair and Paddy Power so can’t do most of their offers, but otherwise I do practically all of the risk free and low risk offers that get posted on Team Casino.

Could you give us your top tip/s for being successful at casino offers?

I am an organised person by nature and I think you do have to be organised. This is where Team Casino has truly been a winner for me. I’m a list type of girl so having all of the offers in one section, on a single page that I can literally tick off each day is invaluable. There are so many offers out there that I would have never even seen. I fill out the profit tracker religiously after every offer I complete.

Only do what you are comfortable with and never chase losses as tempting as it may be. It only takes one spin to make your day great or terrible so stick to the offers only. I hit a massive win while completing an offer so It can happen to anybody!

I know we all say it but you really do have to trust the EV (expected value). it can be so hard when you have a bad day – and I have definitely had a few but I do have to say that when I look at the overall picture, my EV and profit are very similar. The maths should come good in the end!