• Name: Laura Bradshaw

  • Average EV Per Week: £150-£200

  • Average Hours Per Week: About 20

  • Bankroll: £2000

Offer Stats

  • Total Offers: 673

  • Total EV: £1900

  • Total Profit: £1600

EV/Profit Graph

How long have you been doing low risk casino offers?

I dabbled in free spins and a bit of low risk casino since starting matched betting in April 2018 but never really got into it. I have only really thrown myself into it properly since starting with Team Casino 2 months ago.

What were your biggest concerns about casino, and how did you overcome them?

That I would lose money. I didn’t seem to be very “lucky” when it came to free spins or low risk casino offers when I dabbled with casino. I’d see others do really well and it would be really disheartening. 

I knew that people made good money out of casino but didn’t know where to start, what offers to look for or if they were even +EV. So when I heard about Team Casino I thought these guys know what they’re doing.  So I took a chance and signed up to Team Casino, and it was the best thing I ever did!

I had a rocky first month, I was below EV a lot in the beginning and that feeling of just being “unlucky” lingered. However one night when I was about to give up I did a Dunder offer and came out £150 up taking me up to my EV line for the first time in days.

Over the first month I did a lot of moaning (Sorry Josh lol) and every time he would say stop looking at your profit and focus on the EV that you have made. Trust that by growing my EV my profits will grow over time, and he was right, as I’ve kept making EV my profits have kept going up.  

2 months in and I deal with losses differently. Instead of thinking I’ve had a rubbish day and lost money, I look at the EV that I have made and think that is how much profit I would make on average, and that over time, that is how much profit I should make.  

I seem to follow my EV steadily.  I haven’t had any huge wins but have still managed to make approx £600 profit a month since starting, which is amazing.  I’ve learnt that luck doesn’t exist variance does.

What does your average day look like and how does low risk casino fit into it?

As a stay at home mum to 3 (2 at school, 1 is 6 months old) my days can be pretty busy with school runs and groups etc but I fit in casino as and when I can.

Usually when Eva is having her afternoon nap I can fit in 2 hours and then I perhaps do another 2 whilst watching TV when all the kids are in bed. I’m spending so much time on casino now I’m hardly doing any sports as it just seems to fit in so much better and you can use little pockets of time for it.

Could you give us your top tip/s for being successful at casino offers?

I know everyone has said it but trust the EV, in the beginning it is hard to but after a few weeks or months you will see for yourself that your profits will keep falling back into line.

Keep doing the daily free offers even though most of the time you get £0! I had to do a double take the other day when my Sky Vegas spin gave me £100! couldn’t believe it.

Don’t compare your profits to others. It can be very disheartening to see people achieving profits that are hundreds or thousands above their EV line. Of course it’s amazing for those people who are but the majority of people are probably achieving profits around their EV line, as that is what we should make on average.  

Enjoy it, if your having a bad day and it’s lowering your mood, call it a day and go and do something else. There will be more offers to throw yourself into the following day.

Read all the guides and ask lots of questions, the Facebook Group and live chat are great!