7 Reasons Why Matched Bettors Need To Do Casino Offers!

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Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

Most people start their matched betting journey by completing the sports signup offers using a service like Team Profit or Outplayed

These offers are quick to do, and many have a guaranteed profit. So they are a perfect place to start.

Having done the sports sign ups, many of the most successful matched bettors will introduce casino offers into their routine. 

In this post, I’m going to give you 7 reasons why you should do the same:

1 – To Make More Profit

For many Team Casino members, casino offers can actually be more profitable than sports offers! 

At the time of writing, there are over 110 casino signup offers on Team Casino, with a combined expected value of over £1,100. 

The profits don’t stop there, with new reload offers announced every single day. 

These can be an amazing source of ongoing profit for matched bettors, and there is usually well in excess of £200 worth of casino reload offers every week. 

Team Casino has helped over 10,000 people start casino offers, many of whom had no experience of using casino games before. 

By following our guides, there is the potential to earn thousands of pounds from casino offers, and you can do this alongside sports offers! 

What’s more, just like sports matched betting, the profits from casino offers are completely tax free! 

2 – To Use Your Time More Efficiently

If you do matched betting in your spare time, you might sometimes find it difficult to do all of the different sports offers that are available.

If so, you might be thinking that you simply don’t have time to start casino offers.

If you’re short on time, it's crucial that you prioritise the offers that will give you the highest profit relative to the time required to complete them. This way, you will be using your time most efficiently to maximise your profits.

At times, the most profitable offers will be sports offers. But at other times, casino offers will be the most profitable, and often you might be able to make a few pounds expected profit in just 5-10 minutes.

By knowing how to complete both sports and casino offers, you will be in the perfect position to use your time most efficiently.

You’ll be able to pick and choose exactly which offers have the best value, and focus on those, regardless of whether they are sports or casino.

Hourly Earnings Example

Lets say you currently do sports reload offers. On average you spend 10 hours each week to make about £100. That’s hourly earnings of £10 per hour.

You then introduce casino offers into your routine.

You still only do 10 hours per week.

But, by choosing the highest value offers from both sports and casino, you increase your average hourly earnings to £12 per hour.

That could translate into an extra £20 profit per week, or over £1000 more profit per year, just by using your time better.

3 – To Power Through Sports Gubbings

As matched bettors, it’s unfortunately inevitable that we’ll start to pick up a few gubbings from the bookies.

A gubbing is where a bookmaker no longer allows us to complete their offers.

After a few gubbings, you’ll have less offers available, and you might start to feel like your opportunities to profit are a little restricted.

If that’s the case, it would be a great time to start casino offers.

You won’t have used many of the sites featured on Team Casino to do matched betting, meaning that even a seasoned matched bettor will have loads of casino sign up offers to take advantage of.

What’s more, gubbings from some bookies, like Bet365, Betfred and Sky often only cover sports promotions. So, even if you’ve been sports gubbed, you might still be able to profit from these accounts by introducing casino offers into your routine. Take that bookies!

4 – To Fill Those Quieter Periods

Sports offers can often be heavily dependent on when high profile sporting events are taking place.

That means that when there isn’t much sport on, there probably won’t be many offers to do.

Sometimes you might find yourself with time available, but no offers to do, or you might end up doing low value offers that you wouldn’t normally bother with.

Weekends are often busy, with ITV horse racing and top league football.

But what about weekdays or the summer football break!?

Whilst sports offers are very dependent on what sports events are taking place, casino offers are much more consistent.

New casino offers get announced every single day, so there are always opportunities to make money.

By being familiar with casino offers, those quieter sports periods don’t have to be a time where you’re sat twiddling your thumbs. Instead you can be smashing casino offers to keep your profits growing.

5 – To Have More Flexibility

As mentioned above, when we can do sports offers is reliant on when high profile sporting events are taking place.

We often can’t complete offers very far in advance of sporting events, so if all the sport is taking place over the weekend, that means most of our matched betting will be too.

If we happen to be busy over the weekend, it's going to be difficult for us to complete many offers.

Plus, that still leaves the rest of the week where we might want to be completing offers and making money.

Casino offers tend to be much more flexible.

We see new offers announced daily, and these can often be completed at any time of day. Often a casino will give you a few days, maybe even a whole week, in which to complete an offer.

You can use Team Casino whenever it suits your schedule. By heading to our Reload Offers Dashboard, you’ll see exactly which offers are available right away, ready for you to get stuck in and grow your profits.

6 – To Potentially Hit A Big Win

Our main goal from casino offers should be to make small, consistent profits that add up over time to produce amazing long term results.

We’ve had members make thousands of pounds profit from casino offers without ever really hitting a single big win.

So when completing casino offers, we shouldn’t assume that we’ll definitely hit a big win at some point. It might not happen.

But, every time you complete a casino offer, there’s a chance you could get lucky and win big.

Lots of Team Casino members have won hundreds, even thousands, of pounds from a single spin of a slot whilst doing casino offers.

There’s always a chance that could be you too. And the more offers you do, the more chance you’ll have.

7 – To Discover Something New

When I first heard about Matched Betting, I loved learning about how it all works.

It was a whole new way to make money that I never knew existed.

The same went for casino offers.

To discover that we could beat the casinos at their own game, putting the mathematical edge in our favour to make a profit.

I found it so interesting to learn about all of the different types of offer available, and try out the different casino games.

If, like me, you enjoy trying new things and finding new ways to make money, then giving casino offers a go is a must.

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