Tips For Completing Casino Offers Without Autospin

Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

As you may have noticed, autospin is no longer available on online slots and other casino games. This is following a change in gambling regulations which came into effect at the end of October.

Autospin was a handy tool for completing casino offers efficiently, so it’s a shame that it is no longer available. But, all is not lost. There is still money to be made from casino offers, and they can still generate a very good EV per hour!

In this post, I want to share a few thoughts of my own about how to continue completing casino offers efficiently, without the use of autospin.

Autoclicker Tools

Autoclickers are a type of software which you can download onto your computer. With an autoclicker, you tell the software to click a certain place on your screen at regular intervals.

There are many autoclickers available on the internet but the best one to use is Ollie's AutoClicker which is made specifically for slots.

Larger Spin Sizes

One way to speed up offers, and to increase your EV per hour is to use larger spin sizes. Obviously it would take 100 x 20p spins to wager £20, but only 20x £1 spins to wager the same amount. So, a larger spin size can significantly speed up how long an offer takes, allowing you to complete more offers in the time you have available, and bump up your hourly earnings.

But, larger spins are not without their potential drawbacks!

Overall, the RTP of the slot remains the same, regardless of our spin size. This means that in the long term, when we are wagering our own cash, our overall return should be the same regardless of whether we used 10p spins or £1 spins.

But, by completing fewer spins, at a higher stake, the variance of slots increases significantly. This means that in the short term, we can expect much bigger wins and losses from wagering.

There is the potential to go on much larger short term downswings by using a bigger spin size.

If you were using 10p-25p spins, you might find a typical downswing to be losing say £20 over the course of a few offers. But, if you were to do £1 spins, a typical downswing might suddenly be more like £50-£100+ over the course of a few offers.

More variance, and bigger downswings means that you should have 2 things before you increase your spin size: the right bankroll and the right mindset.

Bankroll – There are many factors which impact the suitable bankroll for a casino offer, so it’s very difficult to provide a general rule for what bankroll you should have to do certain spin sizes. On the Team Casino offers pages, you’ll find a bankroll recommendation for each offer. Unless otherwise stated in the guide, this is typically based upon doing 10p-25p spins on slots and £1 stakes on blackjack or roulette. As a general rule, if an offer recommends 20p spins and has a £300 bankroll recommendation, you might consider a £600 bankroll to be appropriate for 40p spins, £900 for 60p spins etc.

Mindset – Our Casino Mindset guide contains important advice on how to have the right mindset for casino offers. These principles are important for anyone doing casino offers, but they become increasingly important as you increase the spin size. Ask yourself, how your mindset is when doing 20p spins. Do you trust the EV and process, do you find downswings difficult or do you ever get tempted to chase losses? If your mindset isn’t right, then things will almost certainly get worse if you increase your stakes.

Increase Your Spin Size Gradually – Above all, one thing that I would say is incredibly important is to increase your spin size gradually! If you’re used to doing 20p spins, please don’t suddenly jump to doing £1 spins, even if you do have a suitable bankroll. It can completely change the dynamic of casino offers, and it can be very difficult to adjust your mindset to such a big change.

Instead, increase your spin size to 40p-50p first, and spend some time adjusting to that change. You’ll still complete offers twice as fast, and if you find you’re comfortable with the increased variance, you could then slowly increase your spin size to 60p-75p and so on.

Wagering Bonuses – For wagering through bonuses, a larger spin size is higher EV and advisable, regardless of bankroll, as explained in our Bonus Wagering guide.

How To Keep Track

Historically, autospin was a useful way to keep track of how many spins you had completed on an offer and it’s removal means we will need to find new ways to keep track.

Team Casino will be looking at potential options and new content to help with this, but in the meantime there are some ways that you can keep track of how many spins you have completed towards an offer.

Casino History Pages – Many of the casinos have ‘history’ pages located within the My Account section. These can display the history of how many spins you have completed, but each casino is set up slightly differently so it isn’t always possible to see this information in a useful format.

Team Casino Chrome Extension – Our Google Chrome browser extension contains a counter, wagering calculator and an offer balance tracker, all of which can be very useful for tracking casino offers.

Tally Counter – one quite ‘old-school’ option could be to purchase a tally counter (available on sites like Amazon and Ebay) which allow you to easily keep track of how many spins you have completed. Alternatively you might find a digital version for your phone via the app/play store.

Pen and Paper – again, ‘old-school’ but you might find that having a simple notepad is really useful for helping you keep track of your casino offers.

Regardless of which option you choose, you just want to find an option that allows you to quickly and easily keep track of your wagering progress on casino offers.

Two Devices (Advanced)

This is something that might not work for everyone, and will require some good organisational skills to keep track. But, if you are experienced at completing casino offers, then one option may be to complete two offers side-by-side by using two devices.

For example completing one offer on your computer, and one on your mobile.

You would need to find a way to keep track of your wagering on both devices, and it would likely take some adjusting to. But, it might be an option if you are looking for a way to complete more offers and increase your EV per hour!

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