How And When To Use Casino Live Chats

On occasion, you will find that casino rewards don’t appear in your account when you expect them to.

But do not fear!

There are several steps you can take to resolve this. This is what I would recommend you try before going onto live chat.

1. Be Patient 😀

I know this is easier said than done, when you just want to get the offer completed, but sometimes it just takes a little longer for a casino to credit rewards than it should.

A lot of online casino staff are having to work from home during the lockdown and linking back to a work server which is causing issues and delays.

If it is a common issue they will almost definitely know about it pretty quickly and will be trying to resolve it!   

For example, if free spins were due to be credited at 15:00, don’t go on live chat at 15:05.  Leave it a few hours, or even until the next morning, and if the free spins still haven’t been credited, then consider contacting the casino.

2. Ask In The Facebook Group

If your free spins or bonus haven’t been credited, then it might be a good idea to ask about it on the daily reload offers thread in the Team Casino Facebook Group, and the chances are others will be in the same boat.

If it seems to just be an issue on your account, then you can then take it further, but if everyone is experiencing problems, it might make sense to give the casino some time to hopefully resolve the issue. 

Likewise you can always ask on the Team Casino Live Chat to see if we have heard of any other member's having issues, and advise on how best to try and resolve the issue.

3. Email The Casino

Chances are, you've probably discovered that Live Chat operatives aren’t always very helpful (with the exception of the Team Casino Live Chat Team I hope!). 

Often they appear to give quick, template answers, and be keen to end chats as quickly as possible, rather than taking the time to try and resolve your issue. 

In these instances, emailing the casino is usually the best option. 

The customer support team can then forward your email to the correct department, who will try and resolve it for you. 

This also means you don’t have to spend time sitting in a live chat queue, or dealing with unhelpful live chat operatives.

Though be aware that it might take around 24 hours to hear back about your email. 

Using Live Chat Is Ok

If you’ve waited patiently, and still not received your reward, then now could be a good time to use Live Chat, if a casino offers it.

Some people think you should avoid live chat, at all costs, as it can lead to gubbings, but we see no evidence that this is the case. 

Below are some suggested do’s and don’ts when contacting a casino’s live chat.


  • Be polite! It might sound obvious but live chats can be infuriating at times!

    Some live chats operatives cover multiple casinos, so their knowledge of particular offers might not be up to the standard you expect.

    I have heard stories of people getting gubbed while on live chat if they started getting frustrated so it is best to remain as polite and calm as possible!   

    Remember that these are real people that you are interacting with, so the nicer you are to them, hopefully the more willing they will be to help you.

  • Take screenshots to upload to live chat if requested.

    If you are on a mobile device and they ask for this information it can be tricky without having to restart the chat, so if you think you might need screenshots, it could be worth doing these before starting the chat.

  • Be prepared to answer security questions – but make sure you don’t give out your password, or details like the last 3 digits on the back of your bank card.

  • Keep the live chat window somewhere you can see it.

    There is nothing worse than waiting in a queue, only to miss the chat, and have the host leave before you have had time to answer or reply. Having the sound on can also help with this.


  • Avoid mentioning Team Casino or any other site that had the bonus listed. This would not go down too well with the casino and could potentially trigger a gubbing! 

  • Avoid mentioning something like “My friend got the bonus” in case it leads to the casino jumping to conclusions that you are working together with a friend, or using multiple accounts.

  • Avoid being too formal or technical. 

    It is worth remembering how your typical casino user might interact on a live chat.  Try not to use technical terms (like gubbed), and keep things quite informal and chatty.  

  • As mentioned above, try not to use live chat as a first option.

    Having 50 people instantly jumping onto live chat because a bonus is not credited straight away could lead to the offer being removed.

It Isn’t The End Of The World?

Sometimes casino offers don't go as smoothly as they should, and usually you'll be able to resolve these easily. 

But occasionally, a casino's live chat might be unhelpful, and you find it difficult to get your reward. 

In these cases, the time and frustration it causes may simply not be worth it, for the sake of a small reward like 10 free spins, so it may just be best to forget about it and move on. 

Time is money and all that! 

Whilst using live chat shouldn't cause you any problems, repeatedly kicking up too much of a fuss may draw attention to your account, so if its not worth the effort just move on to the next offer.  

Any Questions?

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Head to Team Casino Facebook Group