Neil's Gone From Sceptic To £24K Profit. Now He Shares His Top Tips!

Date Of Interview

6th January 2022

What’s your name and where are you from?

I'm Neil, from West Yorkshire

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm married, with 2 kids (1 disabled).

I work full time as a bakery manager

How long have you been a member of Team Casino?

Since December 2019 so just over 2 years.

Did you do matched betting before deciding to do casino offers?

I started matched betting in March 2019, so about 9 months before starting casino offers. This was after watching lots of videos on matched betting and being very sceptical.

What made you interested in starting casino offers? Were you nervous at first?

I didn't really show any interest in casino until a member of your team asked me to do a trial for a new casino offer site which worked similar to matched betting (I was one of the guinea pigs for what now is Team Casino).

What was your starting bankroll?

About £3,000, but this included my matched betting bankroll.

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn about casino offers?

I had good training from pre Team Casino so the transition was fairly easy, if you follow the guides.

How much EV and profit have you made from casino offers so far?

My Team Casino profit tracker shows:

EV: £10,709,40

Profit: £18,688,18

I made about £3000 from matched betting and £1500 with the casino trial, so in total I have made approx £24,000 since my first matched bet.

Have you bought anything nice or used your profits on anything in particular? Or are you saving up for something special?

Yes, I got to about £8,000 profit and hadn't spent a penny so I thought sod it time to treat ourselves!

The kids have had all new clothes, its paid for trips away, put a deposit on a caravan, bought a hot tub, a big bouncy castle for the kids, and equipment for my son.

Have you had many big wins, or has it been small wins adding up?

I consider myself to be lucky, I've had about 5 wins over £1,000, and several £500+ wins.

I've always had success with low risk offers, but have gradually done more medium risk offers, and more recently some medium-high risk offers. I tend to stick to spin sizes of around 40p-80p.

Did you find it hard to overcome downswings, or have you always trusted the process?

Absolutely, at first it was hard to take and I admit I chased my losses (it didn't go well). So I took a few days off, came back followed the guides and was soon in profit again.

I've learnt that downswings are part of the process and EV does seem to prevail. It can be hard though when you are personally on a downswing and you see others hitting big wins.

But you just have to crack on with the offers and trust the process…mindset is key.

Do you have any tips for making the transition from welcome offers to reload offers?

Just get stuck in and get on as many offers as you can within your own free time, you never know when a gubbing is coming.

How much time do you think you spend doing casino offers each week? When do you tend to do most of your offers?

Mondays are my busiest day as I try get the weekly club offers done, and generally I have a fair amount of free spins to use.

I finish work 11am each day, and I spend 2-3hrs a day, id say that 7 days a week now with autospin gone.

Do you still do sports offers alongside casino offers?

Rarely, but yes I do the bet n get offers. I don't do 2ups or in-play offers, as I don't want to be tied down to be placing bets when the matches are on

What would you say to people who think casino offers are just gambling?

They just don't really get it or understand how it works. My family say oh Neil's doing his gambling lol.

What advice would you give to someone first starting casino offers?

Go for it and trust the process!

Don't let other people's results sway you away from your approach. Do things at your own pace.

Please don't assume that a bigger spin size will net you constant bigger wins. It doesn't and your money could go down very quickly. So keep your spin sizes small.

Always seek advice from the Team Casino Community. We all help each other…

On a final note… from that very sceptical first matched bet I placed, to over £24,000 profit is beyond anything I thought was possible.

I can't thank you guys enough for your help.

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