Balance Tracker Added!

Team Casino is delighted to announce its new balance tracker.  Given you might have over 50 different casino and bookmaker accounts, keeping track of your bankroll is a vitally important part of completing offers, that we feel can be easily overlooked.  How many times have you forgotten about money you had in an account?  Or wished you had made a withdrawal sooner to put your bankroll towards other offers?

We think you should be keeping a record of all of the bookmaker/casino accounts that you have, and what balances you have in them, so you always know exactly where your bankroll is. Its incredibly easy to misplace money if you don’t do this, and you’re simply not using your bankroll effectively.

And ensuring you always have money available to complete offers, and also to avoid forgetting about money in the accounts that you don’t use very often.

How To Use It

To set up the balance tracker, just go to your My History page, and just below your graph you will see a box titled “Balance Tracker”.

  1. Click “+Add Balance”
  2. Select the casino you wish to add from the dropdown list
  3. Enter your current balance in that casino
  4. Click “Save Balance”

You can then repeat this process until you have added in each of the casinos that you currently have an account with, and how much money you have in each account.

From here, you can also select a balance by clicking on it, and then either click “edit” to update that casino’s balance, or you can click “withdrawn” to show that you have withdrawn your full balance from that casino.

Balances Displayed On Reloads Page

Having added in the balances for your casino accounts, if you go to the Reload Offers page, you will now see that the account balance is displayed next to any offers for that casino, like so:

If you have a limited bankroll, then this should very quickly help you to see which offers are available to you, without the need to make any deposits.

Completing Offers

When you then mark an offer as complete, and add the result to your profit tracker, your balance tracker will automatically update, based upon the profit or loss that you submitted for that offer!

Offers Requiring a Deposit

The balance tracker doesn’t currently factor in any deposit that you may have had to make as part of completing the offer, but you can quickly edit the balance from the My History page in such cases, should you wish.

Bookmaker Casino Accounts

Of course there will be some accounts, such as Betfair and Paddy Power, where you might also be using the account for matched betting alongside casino offers.  In these examples, your balance tracker won’t update for sports offers that you complete, but you can manually update your balance tracker for these accounts as regularly as you feel appropriate.

Use It Regularly

Once you have a complete list of all your casino accounts (and any bookmakers that you also use for casino) on your Balance Tracker, we would recommend getting into the habit (every 1-2 weeks) of going through each of these accounts, updating the balance tracker, and processing any withdrawals that you think are required.  This way you can keep track of exactly where your bankroll is, and be making regular withdrawals to your bank, ensuring that you always have money ready to go whenever offers arise.

Feedback and Suggestions

We want to make this Balance Tracker as useful and user-friendly as possible. Therefore we would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions, whatsoever, that you have.  Please do let us know by leaving a comment on the launch post in the Facebook Group, or you can find out how else to contact us here.