New Feature: Pending Offer Tracker And Notifications!

Team Casino is very excited to announce it’s newest feature, which will revolutionise how you track open offers – you will never forget about free spins or a bonus added at a later date again!!

Team Casino’s new feature will allow you to:

  • Set a notification for when your free spins or bonus will be credited

  • Choose the time to be notified, so it’s convenient for you.

  • Easy to log your profit by entering just the wagering profit/loss initially, then the free spins or bonus profit at the later date.

  • New Pending Offers filter in Welcome and Reload Offers shows you all your offers with outstanding free spins or bonuses.

See below for a detailed explanation of how to use this new feature!

How To Use This New Feature: Wagering & Notification Set Up

Step 1 – Click Complete

Once you’ve completed the wagering, you click the green complete button as normal:

If you haven’t used the Profit Tracker before to complete offers, please see this Guide.

Step 2 – Tick The Box

If you have just completed the wagering for an offer, and are waiting on the free spins or bonus, which is credited later, then tick the box “Free spins/bonus later”:

Step 3 – Enter Your Wagering Profit/Loss

A box will then appear to enter your wagering profit or loss:

‘Extra Account’ note: If you use the extra account feature, this isn’t yet compatible alongside this new feature. So please enter the total of your wagering profit or loss across your accounts.

Step 4 (Optional) – Choose Your Notification Time

If you wish to receive a notification then tick the ‘Send a reminder on’ box and select the date and time at which the free spins or bonus are expected to be credited to your account (this should be in our description of the offer – if not it should be stated in the offer T&Cs). Then click OK:

Step 4 – Click Save

Once this has been filled out, just hit save and this will be added to your tracker:


You may have noticed the notifications bell on Team Casino.  This is displayed on the right-hand side of the main menu.  When you have a notification, like the free spins for an offer being due, you will see a number displayed next to the bell icon, like so:

Click on this, and it will then display your notification:

As well as this, you can also receive notifications to either computer, via Google Chrome, or your mobile.  Please see below for instructions on how to do this.

Desktop – Google Chrome

When logged into your Team Casino account, go to the welcome offers or reload offers page, and you should receive a pop-up message, asking you whether or not you wish to allow notifications from us.   Click Allow.  Alternatively, if you don’t get this message, click on the padlock icon next to the address bar, and where it says notifications, ensure that this is set to Allow.


When logged into Team Casino, on your mobile phone or tablet, go to the welcome offers or reload offers page, and you should receive a message similar to the above.  Ensure that you select Allow in order to receive notifications from us.

You will now receive a notification from Team Casino whenever you have selected to receive a reminder for a Pending Offer, so you should never forget about free spins or bonuses again!

Viewing Your Pending Offers

When you have offers which are pending completion, you will have three ways to see these offers.

On both the Welcome Offers and Reload Offers pages, you will see in the filters section a filter called ‘Pending’.  Select this and it will show any offers that you have which are pending completion.

On both the welcome offers and reload offers pages on desktop on the right-hand side just below your graph, you will also find any pending offers listed, above any offers that you have completed today.

And finally, if you go onto the My History page you will see that any offers which you have fully completed have a green tick mark next to them, and any which are pending completion, have a yellow tick mark.

Adding Free Spin/Bonus Profit

Go to the Welcome or Reload Offers page and change the filters to Pending and then find the offer which you need to update.   Now, click the green Complete button and enter the profit that you made from the free spins or bonus (or enter zero if there was no profit).

Now click the yellow Save button.

If you go to the My History page, you will now see that the Profit/Loss for the offer is now showing as the sum of both the wagering profit or loss and the free spins profit.

And that’s it!  We hope you like the new feature and find it useful!