Partner Friendly Casinos

After hearing about how much profit you have made using Team Casino, we know many of you have partners, and members of your household, who want to give casino offers a go themselves.  

The good news is that they can, thanks to there being partner friendly casinos!

What Does “Partner Friendly Casino” Mean?

In the T&Cs of some casinos, you may find a term which states something like: 

“This offer is only permitted once per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number or shared computer environment (example: a library, workplace, or school)”

Such a term suggests that if you already have access to offers with a casino, that no one else at your address, or who shares your internet/device, can access those same offers. 

So a casino with this condition would be considered NOT partner friendly. 

A partner friendly casino is therefore a casino which does not include such a condition within their T&Cs. 

The good news is that our members have found most of the casinos to be partner friendly! 

How To Approach Partner Accounts

Unique Details – Anyone signing up to casinos will require their own phone number, email address and a bank card in their own name.

Proof Of ID/Address – Anyone signing up to casinos will need their own photo ID (preferably drivers license or passport) and proof of address (bank statement or utility bill). 

Not Sharing Devices – We would advise against multiple family members sharing the same device, as this can be identified by casinos. For instance try to avoid sharing the same laptop.

Different IP Address – As an extra precaution, family members may consider using different IP addresses (for example one person on wifi, the other on mobile data).

How To Identify Partner Friendly Casinos

The first thing we can do is have a quick scan of a casino welcome offers T&Cs to see if we can spot any conditions similar to the one mentioned above. 

If using a computer, we could click ctrl + f on our keyboard, and then do a search for words such as ‘household’ or ‘address’ to see if it identifies any such terms about offers being restricted to a single household. 

However, T&Cs can be quite lengthy, and it can be easy to miss the section where the relevant information is stated (or not).

To be certain of whether a casino is partner friendly or not, you would need to contact them and ask. You could go onto a casino’s live chat, or email, and say that your partner already has an account, but that you would like to sign up and do the signup offer too, and ask whether that would be ok.

Which Casinos Are Partner Friendly?

The good news is that our members report very few issues with casinos not being partner friendly. 

For the most part, member’s partners have successfully signed up and claimed offers for many of the casinos featured on Team Casino.

Below is a list of the main casinos which appear to be partner friendly. However, this list is subject to change, and doesn’t guarantee that your partner will be ok to sign up. The only way to be sure is to contact the casino first to check. 

  • Gamesy (Jackpot Joy, Megaways Casino etc)
  • Gala (Spins, Casino + Bingo)
  • Foxy (Games + Bingo)
  • Playojo
  • Leovegas Group
  • Mr Q 
  • Betfred 
  • Coral 
  • Ladbrokes
  • Boylesports
  • Paddy Power
  • Virgin Bet

Remember this list is not exhaustive though and is subject to change. You (or your partner) are still best to check with each bookmaker or casino directly before registering.

Partner Friendly Casinos + Gubbings

Does It Increase The Likelihood Of Being Gubbed?

There is some debate as to whether someone else in your household signing up to casinos can cause your accounts to get gubbed faster.

In general, we haven’t found members to report faster gubbings after their partners have signed up too. But, we can never be certain what causes a particular casino to gub someone. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re happy to take the chance. 

If you’ve only just started casino offers, or just signed up to a casino, then it's probably not a good for someone else in your household to sign up straight after. Try to ensure there is at least a few weeks gap between two people from your household signing up to a casino. 

If you’ve had your account with a casino for some length of time, and not been gubbed, then chances are your partner (or other person living at your address) signing up too most likely won’t have an impact, but we can never be certain. 

What If I’ve Already Been Gubbed?

There have been occasional reports of someone being gubbed straight away by a casino if their partner is gubbed. So this is always a possibility that your partner should be prepared for.

However, this doesn’t happen most of the time, and if you’ve already been gubbed by a casino, there is nothing to lose by seeing if your partner can sign up and claim offers.

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