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The Team Casino Slots Database allows you to find the best slots to use on over 100 casino sites.

Or you can search for slots individually to find vital information such as the RTP, minimum spin size, and slot variance. If you receive an offer that has a few eligible slots, you can look them up, and directly compare them via the Slots Database!

There are over 1500 slots added to the Slots Database, with more being added all the time! 

Finding The Best Slots By Casino

The new Slots Database has over 100 casino sites, so if you're ever doing an offer, and you're not sure of a casino's highest RTP slots, all you need to do is start typing the name of the casino in the “Search Casino Site” box.

Then select the casino from the dropdown list, and you will see a list of the highest RTP slots on that casino.

Searching For A Slot

As well as searching for the best slots by casino, you can now search for information on specific slots.

Begin to search for the name of the slot in the “search slots” box and then select it from the dropdown menu.

Slot Information

As well as the RTP of the slot, you will also see displayed:

  • Variance: Split into low, medium, or high, this is designed to give a rough indication of a slot's level of variance.  Typically, when completing offers, we want to opt for lower variance slots, in particular when we are wagering our own money.  When attempting to wager bonuses with large wagering requirements, we might then consider a higher variance slot, because we want to either bust out quickly, or hit a large win and have a chance to complete the wagering.  If you are considering an offer that you have received, then knowing whether the required slot is low or high variance will give you an indication of the level of risk, and might help you to decide whether to do the offer.

  • Minimum Spin Size: This is the lowest spin size that the slot typically allows.   This is useful in particular when we are considering free spins offers.  If a promotion is offering us free spins, where we have the choice of which slot we use the free spins on, a key consideration will be the value of those free spins.  Often, the free spins will be valued at the minimum spin size of the slot, and so where this is the case, we would always want to use the free spins on a slot with a higher minimum spin value.   For instance, using the free spins on a slot with a 20p spin size, will have significantly higher EV than using them on a 10p slot.  Furthermore, if you typically use a 10p-25p spin size for wagering your own money, then you might quickly be able to rule out using a slot for an offer that has 50p minimum spins.

  • Safe Auto Spins: Often, getting a bonus round can lead to your auto-play stopping, and we know that this can be very frustrating when you are trying to keep track of your wagering progress.  This column is designed to help you know whether this might happen, and should you wish, prioritise slots that don't stop the auto-play for bonus rounds.   This category has 3 options as follows:

    • Yes: The auto-play won't stop when you get a bonus round
    • No: Getting a bonus round will stop the auto-play
    • Optional: There will probably be an option, when you set up the auto-play, or in the slot's settings, that asks you whether you want the auto-play to stop if you hit a bonus round, so just check that you don't have it selected to stop.

Slots Comparison

You might receive offers where you have the choice of slots that you can use to complete an offer, or use your free spins on.

Currently, it might be quite tricky to directly compare these slots and decide which is the best option.

Our slots database allows you to compare multiple slots side by side, making it easier than ever to decide which one to go for.

All you need to do, is search for the name of the slot, and then when you have found it, click the compare toggle.

Repeat this process until you have added the potential slots, and then you can compare them all to decide which one to use.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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