10 Reasons Why You Need Team Casino

…alongside Paid Matched Betting Services! 

A frequent question we hear is: “Why should I pay for Team Casino when I already have Oddsmonkey?”.  

We fully appreciate that Oddsmonkey, and other matched betting subscription services do have casino content and an obvious question is why would you need Team Casino too. However, if you’re looking to start low risk casino offers, or you are looking to maximise your profits, then we believe that using Team Casino alongside your existing matched betting subscription service is the way to do it.  

In this post we will explain 10 reasons why!

Getting Started Guides and Videos

If you are new, or are still learning about casino offers, then Team Casino is perfect for you.  We believe that no other service explains how to start low-risk casino offers as clearly and comprehensively as Team Casino. 

Our Getting Started section has everything that you need to know to start smashing casino offers, explained simply in both text guides and videos tutorials.

Complete Offer Lists

We aim to have the most comprehensive offers lists available anywhere! We’re always on the lookout for new casino welcome offers, and our current casino welcome offer list has over £1,000 of expected profit!  

Every day, usually by 10 AM, we have posted on our website all of the best reload offers announced that day.  This is then continually updated throughout the day to ensure that Team Casino has more casino reload offers than any other paid matched betting service.   We will only ever post offers that we believe are worth doing, and every offer comes with detailed instructions on how to complete it, including a game recommendation and any important terms, as well as the EV, time and bankroll required.  

Fully Integrated EV and Profit Tracker

No more relying on spreadsheets or struggling to track your offers, Team Casino makes tracking both your EV and profit from casino offers easier than ever before.  With each welcome offer and reload offer listed on Team Casino, you can simply click Complete, enter the profit or loss that you made, and then click save, that’s it.  The offer is now tracked and you can go to the My History page to view all of your completed offers and see them presented in various graphs to show your progress.  

Amazing Features

Pending Offer Tracker And Notifications

If you’ve been doing matched betting or casino offers for a while, then you will have almost certainly started offers in the past, and then forgotten that you were due free spins, a bonus or free bet.  Or maybe you couldn’t remember when the free spins were due to be credited, or what slot they had to be used on.  That could of been easy profit, just wasted.  We’ve made this a thing of the past.

With Team Casino, if an offer gives the free spins or a bonus at a later date, then you can mark the offer as pending completion, set the date and time of when they are due, and then receive a notification to your mobile or desktop when they should be ready to use.  Likewise, you can see a full list of your pending offers, so you always know what you’ve got outstanding and look back at all of the details of each offer, such as what slot to play the free spins on. 

Slots Database

The Team Casino Slots Database allows you to find the best slots to use on over 100 casino sites. You can search for slots (currently over 400 slots added, with many more to follow) to find vital information such as the RTP, minimum spin size, whether there is turbo mode and if auto spin stops on a bonus round.  Plus, if you receive an offer that has a few eligible slots, you can look them up and directly compare them via the Slots Database!

EV Calculator

Alongside a comprehensive guide which explains what EV is, why it is important, and how it is calculated, Team Casino features an EV calculator which allows you to calculate the EV of some common offers that you might receive.   We’ll show you how to find all of the important information, like a slots RTP, the free spin value etc so that you can consider whether offers are worth doing. For any more complicated offers, which feature wagering, you can always contact the Team Casino Support Team and we’ll happily advise you on whether an offer is worth doing and what EV it has.

Team Casino Counter Browser Extension

The Team Casino Google Chrome Browser Extension is a completely free-to-use tool that is designed to help you keep track of your casino offers!  It includes:

  • A counter designed to allow you to keep track of anything: number of spins, number of lots of autospin completed, blackjack hands played etc
  • Balance tracker to track your starting and end balance and overall profit/loss when completing an offer.
  • A wagering requirement calculator, allowing you to quickly work out how many spins or hands are required in order to complete a certain amount of wagering
  • The Blackjack Strategy which can be opened in a new window, so that you can easily view it whilst completing offers.

Gubbed Filter

If you’ve been matched betting for a while, then chances are you’ve picked up a gubbing or two.  We know that you probably don’t want to be seeing promotions on Team Casino for offers that you are excluded from, which is where the gubbed filter comes in.  You can input the bookies and casinos that you are gubbed from, and no promotions will show in your welcome offers or reload offers sections going forwards, so you’ll only ever see offers that you should be eligible for!

Balance Tracker

Given you might have over 50 different casino and bookmaker accounts, keeping track of your bankroll is a vitally important part of completing offers, that we feel can be easily overlooked.  How many times have you forgotten about money you had in an account?  Or wished you had made a withdrawal sooner to put your bankroll towards other offers?    We think you should be keeping a record of all of the bookmaker/casino accounts that you have, and what balances you have in them, so you always know exactly where your bankroll is.  This is why we have created a Balance Tracker, which allows you to quickly and easily track all of your casino balances on the Team Casino website.

£1 For a 10 Day Full-Access Trial

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£1 For a 10 Day Full-Access Trial

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Casino Guides

As well as our getting started guides, we have a casino guides section which has more than 30 guides, explaining a variety of important casino offer topics. We’re regularly adding new casino guides too, to be the very best resource for low risk casino offer information!

Clear Layout And Fully Mobile Friendly

The Team Casino website is very clearly laid out and easy to use. The welcome offers and reload offers both have one dedicated page each. All of the casino guides are in one section, and your offer history and EV/Profit graph are on one page, so Team Casino is very quick and easy to use.  Plus, the website is completely mobile friendly, so you can make the most of Team Casino from your phone, tablet or computer!

Facebook Group

Team Casino members are invited to join our exclusive Facebook group. This is the perfect place to ask questions, share offers and discuss your progress with over 2,000 other Team Casino members, as well as keeping up to date with all of the exciting new Team Casino developments as they get announced! 

Live Chat

From 9:30 AM-9PM, 7 days a week, our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you on our Live Chat!  This is the place to ask absolutely any casino questions that you have and get fast, reliable advice! 

Team Casino Blog

The Team Casino blog is updated regularly and is the perfect place to keep up to date with all of the latest low risk casino news!  You can expect to see:

  • New Feature Announcements

  • Member Interviews 

  • A Daily Reload Offers Post

  • New Welcome Offer Announcements

  • Member Giveaways

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Just in case all of the previous features weren’t enough to convince you, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Just sign up to our 7 Day Trial, and then, if you decide Team Casino is not for you at any point during your 1st month, just let us know and we will provide you with a full refund! What have you got to lose?

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