5 Features You Might Not Know About!

Team Casino has many amazing features.  Some of these you might not be using, but probably should be!  In this post, we introduce five great features that you might not know about.

Pending Offer Tracker And Notifications

Forgetting about free spins or bonuses that are credited later is easily done, but in doing so we are missing out on valuable profit.  That’s why we have created the pending offer tracker, which allows you to keep track of all of your incomplete offers, and even notifies you when free spins or a bonus should have been credited.  

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Chrome Extension

The Team Casino Chrome Extension is a completely free-to-use tool that is designed to help you keep track of your casino offers.  It includes a wagering calculator, balance tracker and a counter. If you use Google Chrome, and find it difficult to keep track during offers, then this tool is well worth checking out! 

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Gubbed Filter

If you've been matched betting, or doing casino offers, for a while, then chances are you'll have been gubbed by a few sites, where they no longer allow you to take part in their promotions.  You probably don't want to be seeing promotions on Team Casino for these casinos, and you might have found it frustrating seeing these offers. Because of this, we have a gubbed filter, which allows you to input which casinos you have been gubbed by, and it automatically hides their promotions.

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Offer Frequency and Marking As Complete

On each offer on the Reload Offers page, you will see either an orange of purple box, which explains the frequency of that offer.   If the box is purple, then this means  that you can complete the offer on a daily basis, and the text will explain when that offer is running until.  If the box is orange, then this means that the offer can only be completed once, and the expiry date will be displayed to tell you how long you have to complete it.  As long as you use the Team Casino profit tracker, to mark offers as complete, then the reload offers page will only ever show offers that are available to you.  For example, if on Monday, you complete a Daily Offer and a One-Off offer, and mark them both as complete on your profit tracker, then when you come onto Team Casino on the Tuesday, you will see the Daily Offer on your list, because it is available to complete again, but you will not see the One-Off offer, because you have already completed it.   Alongside being able to track your results, this is a good reason to use the profit tracker to ensure that you can always quickly and easily see exactly what offers you have available!

Bankroll Filter

Bankroll is an extremely important consideration when completing casino offers, being the amount of money that you have set aside in order to complete casino offers.   We have a bankroll filter on both the welcome and reload offers pages, to make it incredibly quick and easy for you to see exactly which offers you have a suitable bankroll for, and therefore see which offers you should be completing.