Team Casino October Rundown

Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

November is upon us, which means the countdown to Christmas is on! 🎅

But, first things first, it's time for a review of all the amazing things that happened on Team Casino in October.

We saw something amazing monthly profits, with a number of members having their most profitable month yet, and some fantastic profit milestones smashed. All tax-free too of course! I share my favourite monthly profit and member milestone posts from October below.

As well as amazing profits, we saw some brilliant discussion in our Facebook Group, and here at Team Casino HQ we released some very useful new guides, and had 3 extremely insightful interviews with long term members, which you can find below!

October Profits

Each month in our Facebook Group, we ask members to report their end of month profits from casino offers. You can check out the October Profits post here!

These posts can be great way to see how Team Casino members are getting on each month.

Here are our top picks from our community of real members, earning real (tax-free) cash from casino offers!

It's worth remembering that many of these comments are from members who have already completed the casino welcome offers and are only making money from casino reload offers.

You can still make a fantastic monthly profit by sticking to the risk-free and low-risk offers, just like Marc is doing!

If you're really, really lucky, you might even hit a Jackpot win, just like Tendero did. A £7000+ win from a 10p spin, wow!

Member Interviews

Our Member Interviews series is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of Team Casino's most successful members. Don't miss out on October's new releases:

They are just full of amazing tips to help you profit from casino offers!

New Casino Guides

7 Reasons Why Matched Bettors Need To Do Casino Offers

Having completed the sports sign up offers, many of the most profitable matched bettors will introduce casino offers into their routine.

In our new guide, we give you 7 Reasons Why Matched Bettors Need To Do Casino Offers

Adjusting To No Autospin

In October, we saw the removal of autospin from online slot games. Autospin was a useful tool when completing casino offers.

In our new post: Adjusting To No Autospin, we explain how you can still complete casino offers efficiently without the use of autospin.

Partner Friendly Casinos

After hearing about how much profit you are making, chances are your partner and members of your household are going to want to give casino offers a go themselves.

In our guide: Partner Friendly Casinos, we explain how this is possible, and what to look out for.

New To Casino Offers?

Find out more with these fantastic guides:

5 Easy Steps To Starting Casino Offers
5 Easy Steps To Starting Casino

If you're wondering how to get started on casino offers, then this is the post for you.

We explain the 5 easy steps to start profiting from casino offers.

By following the steps, you’ll gain a good knowledge of casino, complete your first offers, and hopefully be well on your way to your first £100+ profit.

Introduction To Casino Offers
Introduction To Casino Offers

Once you join Team Casino, the tutorials section will guide you through everything you should know to complete your first offer.

But, if you'd like to learn a bit more about casino offers first, then this guide will give you the perfect 10 minute introduction.

Are Casino Offers Right For You?
Is Casino Right For You?

In this guide, you'll find answers to 5 key questions, such as how much time and money you need to start, to help you decide ‘Are Casino Offers Right For Me?'

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