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Josh Hughes
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Daily Free Games are very popular with Team Casino members and for a very good reason!

They are a great way to make risk free profit every day. There is £5-£10 EV available each day, and you can win free spins, bonuses or cash.

By the end of this guide, you will be ready to make a consistent profit from these offers.

You will learn the answers to four key questions, which are: 

  • What Are Daily Free Games?

  • Why Should You Do Them?

  • How Do They Work?

  • How Can They Fit Into Your Routine? 

What Are Daily Free Games? 

Let’s start with the obvious…

As the name suggests, these offers are games that you can play for free…on a daily basis.

Casinos use daily free games as a way to try and encourage people back to their site each day.

They’ll normally create some kind of interactive game.

This game usually requires you to do something like spin a wheel, pick numbers on a prize board, or choose between three options.

Once you do this, you might reveal a prize, such as free spins, a bonus or cash.

Or, your prize might be that you unlock access to an offer, such as ‘Deposit £20 get 10 free spins’.

Why Should You Do Them?

Many daily free games don’t require you to wager any of your own money, making them a completely risk free way to earn a profit.

You can regularly earn free spins and bonuses from daily free games.

These usually take just a couple of minutes each to complete. So, even if the profit from each offer is quite small, the EV per hour can still be very appealing.

Some daily free games unlock access to low and medium risk offers. These aren’t always worth doing, but when they are, they can be an easy way to build up your total EV.

There is consistently about £5-£10 EV per day from daily free games. So these offers could add over £150 EV per month to your total EV.

This means it's definitely worth spending a small amount of time each day completing them.

How Do They Work?

There are four main types of daily free game, which are:

  • Risk-Free Games

  • Electraworks Games

  • Gamesy Games

  • DAUB Games

1) Risk Free Games

  • 10+ casinos such as Sky, Gala Spins, Gala Bingo, Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill

  • £0.10 to £0.50 EV per game

A number of casinos run daily games where you can regularly win prizes without wagering any of your own money.

There are normally 10+ casinos offering risk-free daily games. Typical prizes are things like 5 free spins or a £1 bonus.

They are not big value, with an estimated EV of 10p-50p per completion, but you can blast through them quickly.

If you are using a laptop, it is quite easy to open them all up on separate tabs and then go as quick as you can!

These games often require no wagering on the prize, so we estimate that they should take about 2-3 minutes per game.

2) ElectraWorks Daily Free Games

  • Party Poker, Party Casino, Bwin, SportingBet

  • £0.50 to £2 EV per game

The Electraworks Games are typically the highest EV games each day.

This is because they give you offers such as Deposit for Free Spins or a Bonus.

These rewards normally come with wagering requirements. But, the wagering can be attempted risk-free because Electraworks casinos use bonus funds before cash.

Our Casino Database Tool provides guides on how to complete typical offers from these casinos, which you might win from a daily game.

Just be careful of the ‘Deposit For Cash Bonus’ offer as this is the one offer to avoid. We make this clear in the guides, so not to worry about remembering this now!

However, many of the offers can be worthwhile, and often have an EV of about 50p-£2 per completion.

As there can be wagering requirements, they may take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

3) Gamesys Games

  • 6 casinos: Heart Bingo, Virgin Games, Jackpot Joy, Starspins, Monopoly and Rainbow Riches

  • £0.17 EV per game

The Gamesys Games are a bit different in format, but very easy to play. They are also completely risk free.

Each day you can login and reveal 6 symbols on a prize board. Once you match a certain number of the same symbol, you win free spins or cash.

The game is progressive over the week, from Monday to Sunday. So, it is best to try to play this game every day.

On average, members have achieved a profit of about £0.17 per offer each day, giving a total EV of £1.02 per day. This is based on over 60,000 games completed since 1st July 2020.

These offers are extremely quick to complete, so you can complete each game in about 1 minute.

4) DAUB Games

  • 2 casinos: Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo

  • £0.10 to £0.25 EV per game

The DAUB Games is a Dice Roll game. It is similar to Gamesys where you collect icons each day, Monday to Sunday.

However, you must have wagered £10 on a slot in the previous week to play.

Sometimes these casinos run reload offers, so we might be able to qualify for their Free Game by completing these.

These offers are typically very low EV, so it’s probably not worth wagering any money to qualify for them, unless there is a reload offer available.

These offers have an estimated EV of 10p-25p (not including the £10 wager required).

How Can Daily Games Fit Into Your Routine?

Our goal each day should be to make as much EV as we can, given the time and bankroll that we have available.

Daily free games may not provide the highest EV per hour. So, if you are really short on time, they perhaps shouldn’t be your priority.

Instead you should focus on the best low-risk offers available to maximise your EV.

But, daily free games are a great way to make a risk-free profit, so it is definitely worth incorporating them into your routine if you can.

I would aim to spend about 30 minutes each day working through as many of the daily games as possible.

This should allow you to regularly make small profits that can grow significantly over time.

On the Reload Offers Dashboard, the offers are ordered from highest estimated EV to lowest.

So when you are completing daily games, start from the top of the list, and work your way down, quickly blasting through as many of the games as you can.


What – Free offers run by casinos that regularly reward us with prizes

Why – A great way to make risk free profit, with £5-£10 EV available each day

How – There are 4 key types of daily game: Risk Free, ElectraWorks, Gamesy and DAUB

When – Aim to spend about 30 minutes each day completing these offers

Next Steps

Having learnt about the different types of Daily Free Game, now is the perfect opportunity to give a few a try.

Head to our Reload Offers Dashboard and spend a small amount of time completing a few of the Daily Free Games.

Aim to complete at least 1 Daily Game from each of the following categories:

Risk-Free Games

There should be a number to chose from, from a casino like Coral, Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas or William Hill.

ElectraWorks Games

There will normally be games available on at least 2-3 of the following casinos: Party Casino, Party Poker, Bwin or Sportingbet

Gamesy Games

Have a go at the Gamesy daily game on a site like Heart Bingo or Virgin Games.

Remember that these games save your progress from Monday-Sunday each week, so its best to complete these every day for the best chance of winning prizes.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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