Casino Daily Games

An Introduction

Many casinos offer Daily Games as a way to encourage you to use their site.  Usually these games involve something like spinning a prize wheel, or picking a card, and in doing so, you have a chance to win a prize, such as:

  • Free Spins

  • Bonuses

  • Bingo Tickets

  • Cash

  • Access to a new promotion

As the name suggests, you can usually do these games every single day and many of them are completely risk free.  Regularly we hear suggestions that the daily games are not worth doing, that they are a waste of time and not sufficiently profitable.  However, the results by Team Casino members so far suggests that they can actually be nicely profitable and well worth integrating into your daily routine. 

How Much Could You Make From Them?

We have compiled data from Team Casino members of their result every time they mark a daily free game as complete within the profit tracker.   Team Casino members have now completed over 80,000 daily games, achieving a profit of almost £40,000. Not bad considering most of them are risk free and only take a couple of minutes to complete. 

Below is a table showing member’s results from the daily games available at the time of writing (23rd September).  

Note: The Party Casino profit per completion is likely to be so high due to their 25% bonus on deposits up to £100.  Normally this would be a high risk offer, and one that should be avoided, however Party Casino use bonus funds before cash funds, so we can actually attempt to wager this deposit on slots, risk free.  If at any point we bust out of the bonus before completing the wagering, we would stop the offer.  We may want/need to wager our deposit once (though this doesn’t appear strictly required) in which case we could use blackjack or a sports bet on Party Poker. 

The table shows that the profitability of the Daily Games does vary quite significantly, but by completing all of them in a single day, you might expect to make about £10 profit on average*.  Whilst that might not sound like a lot, repeat this every day, and you could be looking at almost £300 of profit in a month* just from Daily Games! Based upon the rough time estimates in the table above, these may take around an hour to complete, however as you get used to smashing through them you may find that many of them can be completed much more quickly. Equally you could decide to just prioritise some of the higher value daily games if you were to short of time.

*It is possible that the numbers displayed here are slightly higher than the reality if it is possible that some members only add Daily Free Game results to their profit tracker when they achieve a profit, rather than also entering zero results.  However we don’t expect this to have a material impact, and this data does still show the potential profitability of these games. 

Should These Be A Priority?

Ultimately, our priority should always be to maximise the EV that we can make, in the time that we have available, by completing offers that fit within our bankroll and risk tolerance.  Generally low risk offers will be our best way to do this, as many offers have an EV per hour of £10-£20.   However, many daily games are completely risk free, and they are clearly profitable, so everyone should consider including at least some of the daily free games within their daily routine.   If you find yourself with time to spare after completing the low risk offers, then definitely add in some daily free games to bump up your EV, and hopefully profit, for the day.

New To Casino Offers/Smaller Bankroll

If you have a smaller bankroll, or are quite new to reload offers, then doing some of the daily free games is definitely a good way to help gradually build up your confidence and your profits, as you may find that some of the reload offers have a bankroll recommendation that exceeds your current bankroll.

Pushed For Time?

If you have a limited amount of time, then I still wouldn’t completely rule out Daily Games.  Certainly prioritise the low risk offers with a higher EV per hour, but if you then have some time left over, consider adding in some of the Daily Games which have a higher average profit – although you perhaps avoid those which are not unique each day, but rather where you have to make progress towards prizes over the course of the week, because these ideally require you to do them every day.

Games That Last The Whole Week

Something to bear in mind is that with some of the daily games, you have a prize board that is not unique each day, where your progress lasts the entire week.  For example on the Heart Bingo Daily Game, you get to pick 6 boxes a day, which reveal a symbol.  And if you reveal a certain number of the same symbol over the course of 7 days (Monday-Sunday) then you win a prize (free spins or cash).  What this means is that you are probably unlikely to win a prize by doing this offer just one or two days a week, but instead should try to remember to do it every day, in order to maximise your chances of winning prizes.

Daily Games that are not unique each day but your progress carries over to the next day for a week include:

  • The Gamesy Casinos: Heart Bingo, Jackpot Joy, Starspins, Monopoly Casino and Virgin Games
  • Daub Casinos: Aspers, Magical Vegas, Spin and Win

Where To Find Daily Free Games

You will find a section on the Reload Offers page dedicated just to Daily Games.  Just make sure you have “Daily Free Games” box ticked in the filters section.   Here you find instructions on how to complete Daily Games currently being offered by casinos.  If you find a Daily Game that is not listed on the Team Casino website, then be sure to contact us and we’ll check it out!

Warning: Cash Before Bonus

It is crucial to understand that with some casinos, they use cash money before bonus funds.  If a casino uses bonus funds first, then if it offered you a bonus as part of a daily game, with wagering requirements, then this would be completely risk free.  However if the casino uses real money before bonus funds then when you attempted to wager this bonus, you would be using your own money, which could potentially lead to large losses, not good!   This applies to a few of the daily games, such as Aspers, Magical Vegas and Spin And Win. Please make sure you read our cash before bonus guide to understand what to do in these eventualities

Warning: Access To A Promotion

Some Daily Games offer you access to promotions which are not risk free, such as wager x amount get free spins, or deposit and get a bonus.  Some of these offers may be medium-high risk, and some will be -EV. We will always try to cover in the offer instructions which offers you should be doing, and which should be avoided, but if you are in any doubt about whether or not an offer is worth doing, please contact us before attempting it.