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Josh Hughes
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Daily Free Games are very popular with Team Casino members and for a very good reason!

They are a great way to make risk free profit every day. You can win free spins, bonuses or cash.

How much? Well, members have recorded over £60,000 cash profit from Free Games since the 1st July 2020. Nice pretty!!

In this guide, you will learn the four types of Daily Free Games. Plus how you can make over £10 EV every day!

  • 1) Electraworks Games £1-£3 EV per game

  • 2) Risk-Free Games £0.10-£0.50 EV per game

  • 3) Gamesys Games £0.17 EV per game

  • 4) DAUB Games £0.30 EV per game

1) ElectraWorks Daily Free Games

  • Party Poker, Party Casino, Bwin, SportingBet

  • £1 to £3 EV per game

The Electraworks Games are the highest EV games each day. This is because they give you juicy offers such as Deposit for Free Spins or a Deposit Bonus.

These offers are completely risk free as Electraworks sites are bonus before cash.

You can also use the Team Casino Database to see guides on how to complete typical prizes. 

Just be careful of the ‘Deposit For Cash Bonus’ offer as this is the one offer to avoid. We make this clear in the guides, so not to worry about remembering this now!

Statistics since 1st July 2020 to late August with over 15,000 games completed:

Game EV/day
Party Poker Summer Spins £3.35
Party Casino Pick A World £1.30
Bwin Pick A Shirt £1.29
Sportingbet World Of Casino Offers £1.14
Total £7.08

As the Electraworks Games often require wagering on the prize, we have set these to 5 minutes per game.

2) Risk Free Games

  • 10+ casinos such as Sky, Gala Spins, Ladbrokes, Coral

  • £0.10 to £0.50 EV per game

Over 10 casinos run daily free games that are very quick to play and you can win a small prize. Typical prizes are 2 free spins, a £1 bonus or similar.

They are not big value but you can blast through them quickly.

If you are using a laptop, it is quite easy to open them all up on separate tabs and then go as quick as you can!

Statistics since 1st July 2020 to late August with over 100,000 games completed:

Game EV/day
Gala Casino Book Of Treasures £0.54
Mecca Bingo Open The Box £0.53
Ladbrokes Instant Spins Wheel £0.37
Coral Rewards Grabber £0.36
Gala Spins 50/50 Game £0.35
Foxy Bingo Hi Lo £0.28
Gala Bingo Pots Of Gold £0.28
Cheeky Bingo Thumbalievable Flip £0.25
William Hill – The Bonus Explorer £0.20
Sky Vegas Prize Machine £0.18
Buzz Bingo Daily Free Game £0.18
Sky Bingo Prize Burst £0.10
Tombola Daily Free Game £0.09
Sky Lotto Daily Free Game £0.07
Total £3.78

Risk Free Games often require no wagering on the prize. Therefore, we have set them to 2 minutes per game.

3) Gamesys Games

  • 7 casinos such as Heart Bingo and Virgin Games

  • £0.17 EV per game

The Gamesys Games are a bit different in format, but very easy to play. They are also completely risk free.

Each day you can login and reveal 6 symbols. Once you match same symbols, you win free spins or cash.

The game is progressive over the week, from Monday to Sunday. So it is best to try to play this game as many days as you can.

On average, you will make £0.17 EV per day. This is based on over 60,000 games completed since 1st July 2020.

Due to recent gamplay improvements, you can complete each game in 1 minute.

4) DAUB Games

  • 4 casinos such as Magical Vegas and Spin & Win

  • £0.07 to £0.38 EV per game

The DAUB Games is a Dice Roll game. It is similar to Gamesys where you collect icons each day, Monday to Sunday.

However, you must have wagered £10 on a slot in the previous week to play.

For some members, this is fine because DAUB casinos often run Reload Offers. This means you automatically qualify for their Free Game.

If you have not qualified via a Reload Offer, it should be slightly +EV to wager on a high RTP slot. However, this is not guaranteed and is risky too.

The prizes on each casino vary so the EVs are different for each casino.

Based on over 5,000 games completed since 1st July 2020:

Game EV
Magical Vegas Dice Roll £0.38
Spin and Win Dice Roll £0.33
Kitty Bingo Dice Roll £0.31
Lucky Pants Dice Roll £0.07
Total £1.09

The DUAB games are quick to play each day. However, the prizes often come with wagering. Therefore, we have set these to 2 minutes per game.

Are These EVs Accurate?

All the EVs above are based on the member data submitted.

However, there will be a % of members who do not always mark the offer as complete.

We did consider apply a % to the EVs to lower them to try to account for this. But trying to come up with a % will be quite inaccurate.

Overall, the most important part is just to blast through the Daily Free Games and bag some easy profit!

Hopefully, this guide helps to show you there is good value in them. Enjoy the profits 🙂

We’ve Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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We’ve Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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