Using The Profit Tracker

Team Casino has been designed to allow you to track the profit and expected value of every single offer that you complete and see it all summarised on the My History page.  We recommend that everybody uses the profit tracker, because its a great, fun, motivational way to keep track of your casino progress.

You can add the result for every offer on the Welcome Offer or Reload Offers pages simply by clicking on the green box on an offer, which says ‘Complete’ with a tick, and you will be presented with this:

Simply enter the profit or loss (for example -1.72) that you achieved on the offer, and then click the yellow box that says ‘Save’ in order to save your result.  Do not enter a £ sign or any other symbols.   This will then remove this offer from your list of offers to complete, and it will update your profit tracker.  You will now see the result included in your graph on the right hand side of the offers pages and also on the My History page, where you can see a complete history of all the offers that you have completed.

You also have the option to hide an offer, using the red box below each offer, perhaps because you have previously completed the offer, or because it doesn’t fit your bankroll.   If at any point you wish to retrieve a hidden offer, just select the hidden button in the filters at the top of the offers page, scroll down to your hidden offers and you can then click show to unhide the offer. 

If you have completed an offer that isn’t listed on Team Casino, you can add this to your tracker by selecting the “Add Custom Offer” option on the My History page.

Pending Offer Tracker

For some offers, you will complete the wagering, but then have to wait until a later date to receive your free spins or bonus.  When you go to mark an offer as complete, if you select “Free spins/bonus later” then you are able to enter your wagering profit or loss, save the offer as pending, and then select to receive a notification when the free spins/bonus are due to be credited.  You’ll then be notified when they are ready to use, and you can add in your free spins/bonus profit and mark the offer as complete.   To find out more about this feature, please see our guide here