Casino Return To Player

Return To Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP) is an important part of understanding casino offers.

RTP is the average amount of money that we expect to get back when we play any casino game. The RTP of any casino game will always be less than 100%.

This means is that whenever we play a casino game, we expect to receive back less money than we put in.

This ensures that the casino has an advantage, and will always make money in the long run.

For example, if a casino game has a 97% RTP, we would expect to receive back £97 for every £100 that we wager. This means the casino expects to make £3 profit for every £100 that we play, giving them a 3% house edge.

You have probably heard the saying: ‘the house always wins’

And it's true.  Playing on casino games, without offers, you will only lose money in the long term.

By doing promotions that are +EV, we remove the house edge and swing the expected profit into our favour.  So stick to +EV offers, and never be tempted to play casino games without an offer.

To maximise our profit, we should use casino games that offer the highest average return.

Choosing a Game with the Highest RTP

Above you will see the House Edge, and RTP, of Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

The RTP of blackjack is about 99.5% when following the blackjack strategy (discussed later).

The RTP of Roulette is about 97.5%.

And the RTP of slots varies but is on average about 95% RTP.

Imagine you were to play £100 on each of these games…

The expected loss would be 50p on blackjack, £2.50 on roulette or about £5 on slots.

This shows that our long term profit or loss will be impacted by the games that we use.

We should look to use blackjack to complete offers where possible.

Some offers require us to use slots.  In these cases, we should make sure we are using one with a high RTP.

The RTP Of Slots

The RTP of slots varies.

Some slots have as little as 90% RTP, with others as high as 98.5%.

Stick to slots with higher RTP, otherwise you are reducing your expected profits.

Team Casino will always give high RTP slot recommendations for offers. For a detailed discussion of how to choose slots, please see here.