Choosing The Right Slot

If you are new to slots, make sure you read our Slots guide first, found here.

There are over 10,000 different online slot games and these all vary significantly in terms of functionality, Return to Player (RTP), minimum and maximum stakes, and variance.   Team Casino will always try to recommend certain slots for every offer that is posted, but if you ever find yourself needing to choose a slot yourself, this guide aims to assist you in doing so.

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Team Casino has now released its slots database, allowing you to find the slots with the highest RTP for over 60 casinos! New casinos and slots will continuously be added.  Check it out HERE!

Return To Player

Our primary consideration should always be choosing a slot with a high RTP, as this is how we are going to maximise our long term profits.  There are two ways that we can typically find this information. It is reccommended that you use the Slots Database where possible as the RTP's have all been manually checked.

Slot Catalog –  Websites such as this allow you to look up any slot, and will tell you the RTP, and other information, such as variance, number of paylines, and will also often rank the quality of slots based upon their user’s experiences. Sites like Slot Catalog occasionally get the RTP incorrect or include the jackpot contributions which Team Casino tends to avoid.  

For example, a search for the slot Halloween Fortune shows that it has an RTP of 97.06%.

Finding Manually.  Using the Team Casino Slot Database is by far the easiest way to find the RTP of a slot, but alternatively, you should be able to find the RTP of a slot manually by opening the slot and then opening up the help/information page in the settings of this slot.  Then somewhere within this section it will list the RTP. For example on William Hill Casino, by opening Halloween Fortune, clicking the settings icon and then choosing the help page, a page of information about how the slot works opens, and at the bottom the RTP is listed (Finding RTP this way is often not that easy).

Min Spin Size

The minimum spin size varies significantly.  Some allow you to spin from as little as 5p or 10p, whereas others have minimum spin sizes of 40p or 50p.   Depending on our bankroll, we may wish to stick to slots that have a lower minimum spin size. This way we can complete offers by doing a lower spin value and a higher number of spins, which will reduce our variance and chance of finishing a promotion at a loss.  


For an article on what variance is, please see here.  

It is difficult to know what the variance is like on a slot until you have played a large number of spins on it, however there are a few things we can consider.   As previously mentioned, the lower the spin size that we choose, the lower the variance will be. We can also look at slot listings, such as, which often rank slots as being low, medium or high variance.   And finally, any slot that is promoting a large jackpot will be higher variance, and therefore carry a higher chance of finishing with a loss. For instance, if a slot has a £1 million jackpot, this might seem appealing, but we must remember that the casino always has an edge, so a very large number of users will have to lose money on that slot before the jackpot is paid out.  Team Casino would therefore be mindful of this when choosing a slot.


Slots vary massively in terms of how smoothly they run, and how quickly they spin. We do not want to be stuck using slow, out of date slots, and should always look to find slots that run smoothly and allow us to get through a high number of spins quickly. 

Commonly Used Slots

Here are a few slots that we use regularly at Team Casino, which have a good RTP, are easy to use, and normally run smoothly:

  • Bloodsuckers (98% RTP)
  • Golden Tour (97.71% RTP)
  • Big Bad Wolf (97.34% RTP)
  • Halloween Fortune (97.06% RTP)
  • A Night Out (97.06% RTP)
  • Jackhammer 2 (97% RTP) – 50p minimum spin size.
  • Twin Spin (96.6%)
  • Starburst (96.1% RTP)
  • Gonzo’s Quest (96% RTP)

Penny Slots

Quite often when you bust out of a bonus you can be left with a few pence of bonus money in your account.

This can cause issues for future offers.

Our Penny Slots Guide explains how you can overcome this problem.