The Different Types Of Casino Offer

There are lots of different types of casino offers that you will encounter with Team Casino.

You’ll notice that on our welcome offers page, we have put the offers into categories, based upon the type of offer.

Each category of offer comes with its own guide. You’ll learn lots about each type of offer as you progress through the offers.

Risk Free Offers

These offers are where you get free spins or a bonus, just for signing up with a casino. You do not need to deposit any money.

These can come with large wagering requirements but they are risk-free.

We recommend the best ones on our welcome offers page so you'll get to try a few of these soon.

Wager For Free Spins

The most common type of casino offer.

We have to wager a certain amount of money on casino games, and in return, the casino gives us free spins.

These offers are our bread and butter.

Free Spins give you the chance to play on a slot machine without having to use any of your own money.

So 10 free spins would mean getting to spin a slot 10 times, for free, giving you 10 chances to win money.

Free Spin winnings may go into your cash balance or, they may have wagering requirements.

Wager For Bonus

When we wager a certain amount of money on casino games, a casino might reward us with a bonus.

A bonus is money that we can use to play casino games, but that is subject to wagering requirements.

We’ll cover wagering requirements in more detail later.

In summary, you cannot withdraw bonus money until you have played a certain amount on casino games.

For example, if you receive a £5 bonus with 10 times wagering.  In order for this bonus to become withdrawable cash, you must wager a total of £50 (£5 bonus x 10 = £50) on casino games.

Wager For Cash – Casinos may credit the bonus as cash. This means it doesn't have wagering requirements. You can withdraw the cash straight away, or leave the money in the account for future offers.

Wager For A Free Bet

Some bookies will run promotions that cover both betting and casino.

Often this will be in the form of a free bet if you wager a certain amount on casino games. Or it might be that they credit you with free spins after betting a certain amount.

Golden Chips

A golden chip is a free bet that you can use on table games like roulette and blackjack.

Golden chips are a bit like bookmakers free bets.  When you win with a golden chip, you only get paid out the winnings. You don't get the value of the Golden Chip back too. We have a dedicated golden chip guide on the welcome offers page, so you’ll learn lots more about these later.


Cashback websites will pay you cash for signing up to certain casino sites. TopCashback and Quidco are 2 popular cashback websites.

We have a dedicated cashback guide on the welcome offers page, so you’ll learn lots more about these later.

These are all great ways to make a profit, and you'll become more familiar with them all in time.  For now, its time to learn more about the different types of casino game. Just click next page to move onto the next guide.