Gary – Member Interview

  • Joined Team Casino: July 2019

  • Average EV Per Week: £90- £100

  • Average Hours Per Week: 16

  • Starting Bankroll: £1k

EV/Profit Graph

  • Total EV: £3,700

  • Total Profit: £4,080

What made you interested in starting casino?

I started matched betting in January 2019. Having been gubbed by 4-5 bookies (the usual suspects) I started to look for other ways to grow my profits.

Team Casino looked ideal for this, and I thought it would give me more control over when and how I did offers.

Did you do any before joining Team Casino?

Before joining Team Casino I would only do the free games on Sky, William Hill and the Gamesy sites.

Why did you Join Team Casino?

I joined Team Casino after stumbling across the launch in July 2019. I had a chat with Josh about it! He poached me really!! I did take some convincing though.

Were you nervous at first?

I treated it with caution at first.

I was nervous about trying something new, about losing money or making mistakes.

But, the instructions are so simple to follow. It’s so straight forward to get started if you stick to the Team Casino guides.

I think after about 10 offers my fears were gone.

At what point did you “Trust the EV”?

It's really important to remember that we’re doing offers that are +EV (positive expected value). That our result from each offer will vary, but that over time we should make a good profit.

Trusting the EV is really important. If you’ve lost money on some offers, you can trust it will come back in your favour eventually.

It’s ok, for your profit to be below your EV. I do still keep reminding myself of this. But I’m much more trusting now, more so than ever before. I also try and encourage others on the group to trust the EV.

How did you manage with dealing with downswings?

To be honest my profit tracker has always followed my EV quite closely. I’m lucky that I don’t have big swings either up and down.

I didn’t like it at first seeing other people have big wins, but I’m now settled into a rhythm of making steady profit. I do take a more cautious approach than some, and don’t do all the medium risk offers.

Do you have a weekly Target?

I had a target of making at least £10 EV every single day at first. But, now I don’t do casino offers every day. I’m much more comfortable in making £15-£30 of EV on the days when I do complete offers, depending on work and social commitments. If you take care of the EV the profit soon follows.

How do you plan a casino around your normal week?

I have a full time demanding job and two kids. I have a routine of completing the risk free offers before work. Then I tackle as many low/medium risk offers as I can in 2 hours in the evening.

I tend to go towards the blackjack offers where I can. I just prefer them. Then I’ll work my way down the Reload Offers page, starting with the highest value offers.

Weekends can sometimes be difficult, because I’ve got a season ticket at my local football team. Plus two kids who sometimes like to see the front of my head rather than the back when I’m on the laptop. But I'll fit in offers when I can.

Do you also do matched betting? If so, how do you manage both?

I’ve done a lot less matched betting since I joined Team Casino. Casino just works better for me.

I still complete bet clubs but other than that I like the flexibility that casino gives me!

I don’t have to worry about completing things by a certain time for football or horse racing. I can decide what I do, stop/start/stop again when I choose.

I will come out of retirement for big events like Cheltenham and the World Cup though!

If you were starting again now, would you do anything differently?

I would definitely give myself the advice of never chasing losses. One more hand of blackjack or spin can be tempting but never ends well.

Which Team Casino features do you use regularly?

As well as the offers pages, and Facebook Group, I use many of the various guides on the Team Casino website. The Blackjack guide on a daily basis even though I could now draw it myself with my eyes closed.

I also refresh my memory every so often by reading though each casino guide, such as which casinos are cash before bonus etc.

What would you say to those just starting who are having a slow start?

My advice to newbies or slow starters would be to go as slow or fast as you want. All the EV will come together. Don’t put yourself under pressure by seeing others big wins or losses and most of all… enjoy yourself!

What are your plans for 2020?

My plans for 2020 are to hit as many offers as possible on a daily basis. I’m lucky I’m not gubbed by many casinos so far.

I’m aiming for a lot more EV and profit this year. I haven’t decided what I want to spend my money on yet. Buying a new car, deposit for a house or holiday all would good.

And like I said above enjoy myself. I like being part of the community and cracking the odd joke on the daily reload’s thread.