Tips And Strategy

This page contains some important tips to help you smash the offers and maximise your profits.

How To Use Slots

Some slots only have a “total stake” button where you can increase or decrease the total amount you bet.

Others are a bit trickier, where you have to adjust the bet per line.

A line is a path from the left reel to the right reel. If you have enough matching symbols on a line you will win.

Always leave the slot set to the maximum number of lines, normally 10, 20 or 25.

The bet per line, sometimes called coin value, should be set to the lowest level possible. This is usually 1p per line.

So on a 20 line slot, this would mean a 20p spin size.

Always double check your total spin size.

There have been a few times where people get the bet per line confused with the total stake and end up in trouble. So be careful to check your total stake before doing any spins, and ask us if you are unsure.

Tracking Wagering

You should always track your wagering when completing offers.

You don’t want to wager any more money than you need to. So, you should know exactly how many game rounds you need to play to complete an offer.

We can calculate this easily:

  • Number of game rounds = Wagering Requirement / Stake Size

  • For example, we have to wager £15, and our spin size is 20p

  • £15/0.2 = 75 spins

Once we have worked out how many spins we need to play, we should keep track of this as we do the wagering.

Tracking Wagering On Blackjack and Roulette

Usually we'll play £1 per game, so we can easily keep count of how much we've wagered.

For instance a £10 wager means playing 10 hands/spins.

You could track this using a pen and paper, notepad on your computer, or use our Google Chrome Extension.

Having The Right Mindset

By completing casino offers, we have a mathematical advantage that allows us to make a profit over time.

The most important factor in how much profit we make is how much EV we can build up.

Some offers will result in a profit, and others will result in a loss. But, as long as we are building up our EV, every offer is contributing to our long term profits.

Losing money on some offers is completely normal. So be prepared for this, and don’t let it bother you.

Instead focus on building up your total EV. You should see your profits growing very well over time.

Importance Of Small Spins

Spin sizes have a very significant impact on variance.

By using large spin sizes, our variance will be much higher. This means we could get bigger wins, but we can also get much bigger losses.

By using a small spin size, our profits will track our EV much more closely.

This allows us to consistently complete offers without experiencing too much bad variance.

So when first starting, make sure you stick to the smallest spin sizes allowed on games.

This usually means a spin size of 10p-25p on slots.

For blackjack and roulette, you want to be using £1 per spin/game.

Track Your Profits and Losses

Make sure you track the results of each offer that you complete.

Make a note of your balance when you start an offer. Then compare this to your finishing balance, to calculate your profit or loss.

Every profit and loss should be tracked, to give you a clear picture of your results over time.

This is incredibly quick and easy with our profit tracker, which we’ll show you how to use shortly.

Let Your Bankroll Grow

You can start doing casino offers with as little as £100.

But, some offers are only suitable for members with a larger bankroll.

As your profits grow, try to avoid spending them, at least at first, and allow your bankroll to grow.

As your bankroll grows, you can:

  • Complete the riskier offers
  • Complete more offers at the same time
  • Be in a better position to handle any periods of bad variance.

This is a bit like the saying “it takes money to make money”.

A bigger bankroll = a bigger potential to profit.