How To Profit From Casino Reload Offers

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Reload offers are promotions that casinos give to their existing customers.

Like the welcome offers, we can complete +EV reload offers to achieve some amazing profits.

This guide will give you the perfect 10-minute introduction to reload offers.

To do so, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • When To Start Reload Offers

  • How Much Profit You Can Make

  • Types Of Reload Offer

  • Using The Reload Offers Dashboard

  • Approach And Mindset

  • How To Tackle Invite Offers

When To Start Reload Offers

You don’t need to have completed all the welcome offers before starting reload offers.

But, the welcome offers tend to be the simplest, highest EV offers, so you should prioritise these at first.

Make sure you’ve done the Getting Started and Gamesy offers, and some of the Free Spin and Bonus Wagering Offers.

You’ll then be about half way through the welcome offers. You will of built up some nice EV, gained some experience, and opened accounts with many the main casinos.

You should continue to complete the welcome offers. But, at the same time, you can slowly introduce reload offers into your routine.

How Much Profit You Can Make

You might make up to £1000 by completing all the welcome offers.

But, there is the potential to make significantly more from reload offers!

Reload offers usually have an EV of about £1-£5 per offer. This might be a bit lower than you’re used to from welcome offers.

But, new reload offers get announced every single day, and most offers only take a few minutes. This allows us to complete multiple offers on a daily basis.

By consistently completing reloads, we can make £250-£800 in a typical month.

These monthly profits can add up to thousands of pounds of profit over time!

Types Of Reload Offer

The Reload Offers can be organised into five categories:

Daily Free Games

Daily free games can be completed on a daily basis without wagering any of our own money. They are quite low value, but quick to complete, and we can often win free spins, bonuses and other prizes. For more information, check out our Daily Free Games Guide.

Risk Free

Risk free means a casino gives us a reward, like free spins or a bonus, without us needing to wager any of our own money.  We usually see a few risk free offers running each week and they are well worth doing when available.

Low Risk

Offers where we typically wager between £5-£25, to unlock a reward, such as free spins, a bonus, or golden chips.

Having completed some welcome offers, you'll already be familiar with how to complete most low risk reload offers.

One low-risk offer type that you might not have experienced yet is virtual sports. Before considering your first virtual sports offer, check out our guide here.

Medium Risk

Medium risk offers are riskier than low risk, normally for one of three reasons:

  • The offer needs £50+ wagering
  • The offer uses a high variance slot
  • The offer has a very low EV e.g. 20p EV for £20 wagering

Don't consider medium risk offers until you are more experienced, and have at least £1000 bankroll. We have a dedicated Medium Risk Offers Guide to help you know when and how to start medium risk.

Medium-High Risk

Medium-high risk offers are only suitable for those with lots of experience, and £3000+ bankroll, so don't worry about these for a while.

Using The Reload Offers Dashboard

The Reload Offers Dashboard is where you'll find all the latest Reload Offers.

We update the dashboard every morning by 10AM, and then throughout the day as new offers get announced.

Which Offers To Prioritise 

Your goal should be to maximise your EV based upon the time and bankroll that you have available. To do this, you will be mostly focused on completing the low risk offers.

The dashboard is sorted by EV, so the highest EV offers will show at the top of each category.

Whenever you complete reload offers, start by completing the offers at the top of the low risk section, as these will have the highest EV.

Then work your way down the list, completing the offers which you have a suitable bankroll for. This will allow you to make consistent EV each day.

We would also recommend completing some Daily Free Games regularly, plus any risk-free offers available.

Daily Message

Each morning, we post our Daily Message at the top of the Reload Offers page.

Here we provide you with a summary of the day’s best offers, as well as any other important information to be aware of.

If you’re short on time, this is a fantastic way to quickly see what’s available, and which offers to focus on.

Offer Expiry And Daily Offers

Reload Offers have a set period of time in which you can complete them. Some Reload Offers can only be done once, whereas others you can complete on a daily basis.

This is an important consideration when deciding which offers to prioritise.

Our Reload Offers Dashboard shows you this information for each offer.

Daily Offers

For a daily offer, you will see a purple box on the reload offer guide which says “daily” and then the day or date on which the offer is running until.

So on the offer above, you know that you can complete that offer every day until Wednesday.

If an offer is daily, when you do the offer, mark it as complete to save the offer to your profit tracker. Then, the following day, the offer will re-appear in your Reload Offers page, because it can be done again.

One-Time Completion

If an offer can only be done once, then you will see an orange box on the offer guide.

In this orange box it will state that the offer expires on a certain day or date. This means that you have until that time to complete the offer.

Once you mark the offer as complete, it won’t re-appear in your Reload Offers Dashboard the following day.

Specific Times

Sometimes an offer can only be completed during certain times, so we will display this information here too.

Sorting Tools

At the top of the dashboard is a Filter and Sort section. Here there is a search box, which allows you to look for an offer by entering the casino name, or part of the offer title.

There are various sorting tools, which allow you to sort the offers by time, EV, bankroll recommendation or EV per hour. Plus, there is a bankroll filter, which allows you to enter your bankroll, and the page will then only display offers that are suitable for you.

Pending Offer Tracker

Sometimes you will complete an offer's wagering and then need to wait for your free spins or bonus. It can be difficult to keep track of these offers.

Our Pending Offer Tracker is the perfect way to eliminate this problem. You can find out more about this tool here.

Approach And Mindset

Set Aside Time Each Day

Try to set aside some time each day to complete offers.

For many members, this will be 30 minutes-2 hours each day.

The great thing about casino offers is that they can be very flexible around your schedule.

Most offers can be completed at the time of day that suits you best.

Most commonly members do their offers in the evening. This might be time spent watching the TV, where members can complete offers at the same time.

You don’t need to complete offers every day, and the time you spend each day can vary. But, the more time you spend, and the more consistent you are, the bigger your profits will be.

Focus On EV

It’s crucial to have the mindset that you won’t make a profit on every reload offer. We will have losing days, and could even have a week where we don’t make any profit.

Be prepared to lose money on some offers and don’t be disheartened.

You are benefiting from a mathematical advantage, and as you complete more offers, variance becomes less of a factor.

Casino is all about the long term results.

I want you to be able to look back, after 6-12 months using Team Casino and see an amazing four-figure profit. In this time, you’ll have experienced variance, and may even have wanted to quit once or twice, but you persevered, and were rewarded.

So focus on building up as much EV as you can, and over time, you should see your profits growing very nicely.

Set Goals

Setting yourself goals is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated. You’ll be driven to complete more offers, and can power through any bad variance that you experience.

These should be long term goals that are centered around EV.

Each month, we would recommend setting a goal for how much EV you want to make, which could be anywhere from £200-£800 EV.

You can then use this goal to work out how much EV you should make each day. So a £500 monthly goal would mean aiming for just over £15 EV per day.

Your goal should depend on how much time and bankroll you have.

If you are short on time, then you could set a modest goal of £5-£10 EV per day, knowing that this equates to £150-£300 per month.

As the time you spend increases, or your bankroll grows, your goals can then become more ambitious, and you might start aiming for £10-£25 EV per day.

Realistic Expectations

Casino offers aren’t a way to get rich quick. We can’t promise that you’ll make thousands of pounds overnight.

But, by spending a bit of time each week completing casino offers, you can hopefully supplement your income by a few hundred pounds each month.

Bankroll Management

Don’t forget that it’s important to have a bankroll set aside for casino offers.

Team Casino provides a bankroll recommendation for every offer. Make sure you only complete offers that are suitable for you.

As your profits grow, try to resist spending this profit right away. Instead, allow your bankroll to grow.

This will allow you to safely complete the offers with larger bankroll recommendations. This will increase your EV and allow you to make more profit.

If you want to be able to complete all the low risk offers, and some medium risk, aim to have a £1000+ bankroll. To complete all the medium risk offers too, you should aim to have £1500-£2000 bankroll.

With patience and consistency, these targets are certainly achievable. Then, as your profits increase above your required bankroll, you can start withdrawing some of that profit to use as you wish.

How To Approach Invite Offers

Sometimes a casino will send you an offer, usually by email, that isn’t covered on our dashboard. We call these Invite Offers.

Not all casino offers are +EV. So we should spend a short time deciding whether an invite offer is worth doing, and how to approach it.

Team Casino has got some amazing tools to help you with this.

Casino Database

Our Casino Database tool allows you to enter the name of the casino that you have received an offer from. The database will then:

  • Tell you whether the casino uses cash or bonus first
  • Give you step-by-step instructions to common invite offers that casinos run
  • Allow you to quickly add invite offers to your profit tracker

You can find out more about this fantastic tool with our Casino Database Guide.

EV Simulator

Our EV Simulator is an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly calculate an offer's EV.

It also shows you how different approaches to an offer will impact your results.

Find out more about our EV Simulator in our EV Simulator Guide.

Slots Database

When looking at an invite offer, it can be difficult to decide which slot to use.

Our Slots Database allows you to search over 100 casinos to find the highest RTP slots available.

You can also search by slot, to find important info like the RTP and min spin size. You can also directly compare slots to find the best option.

We're Here To Help!

Team Casino prides itself on the support we provide to our members.

So if you ever have any questions, about anything casino related, or would like to discuss an offer, please do get in contact!

Our Support Team is on hand to offer you expert advice from 9AM-9PM every single day.

We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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