Offer Smashing With A Small Bankroll (£100-£250)

One of the most frequent questions we hear at Team Casino is around whether you can really start doing casino offers with as little as £100-£250.   And we believe the answer is yes, but only with the right guidance and following a strict approach. If you are looking to start low risk casino offers with less than £250, then it is really important that you read this guide thoroughly, and follow it closely.

Money You Can Afford To Lose

The first thing to stress is that casino offers are not risk free.  Whilst following this guide will give you a really strong chance of making a profit, this is not guaranteed.  You should therefore set aside a bankroll for casino offers, of money that you could afford to lose in a worst case scenario.

Realistic Expectations

  • It’s really important to start casino offers with realistic expectations.  You may have seen members posting £1000+ monthly profit, and whilst there is no reason why you couldn’t achieve that in time, it simply isn’t going to be realistic when first starting out with casino offers, with a limited bankroll.   Bear in mind that as your bankroll grows, the number of offers that you will have available to you will increase, so your EV and profit potential will increase significantly.

  • You should always remember that expected value is the average amount of money that you would expect to make by completing an offer, so always bear this in mind when you are completing offers.  Don’t expect to make a profit that exceeds your EV, but equally, if your profit is below your EV, don’t be disheartened. Over the long term our EV and profit should correlate well, so as long as you are completing +EV offers with the right bankroll management, you should see your profits growing nicely. 

  • When first starting casino offers with £100-£200 you should try not to worry about how much profit you are making, and just focus on building up your EV.  You should have around £400 in EV to make from welcome offers.  Many of these offers have very generous EV, and most don’t take too long to complete, so you could make £20+ EV per hour.  After completing some of the welcome offers, you might have around £50 per week in reload offer EV, from the Daily Free Games and very low risk reload offers.  Completing these should allow you to start to see your bankroll growing, giving you the flexibility to complete more offers.

  • As your bankroll grows to over £500, you will have sufficient bankroll to do almost all of the welcome offers, and also many of the low risk reload offers.  At this point, you might expect to have at least £100 of low risk EV available to you every week, giving you a great opportunity to build up your total EV and hopefully your profit, towards the £1000 mark.

  • As your bankroll grows to over £1000, you will have a suitable bankroll to do all of the low risk reload offers posted on Team Casino.   This is usually around £200 of EV per week, so depending on how much time you commit, and how many offers you are able to complete, the profit potential is very good. 

Bankroll Filter

Bankroll is the amount of money that you have set aside in order to do casino offers.   Every single offer that you see on Team Casino will come with a bankroll recommendation, shown as the number next to the Piggy Bank symbol.  What this means is that you should only ever start an offer if you have at least as much bankroll as our offer guidance recommends, otherwise you may be taking too much of a risk.

With Team Casino’s Bankroll Filter, it is extremely easy to see exactly which offers you have a suitable bankroll for.  On both the Welcome Offers and Reload Offers pages, all you need to do is enter your bankroll amount into the filter box and it will automatically filter the offers to only show those which you have a suitable bankroll for.  You can find out more about this feature here.

Stake Sizing

One of the most important things that you must do to correctly manage your risk is to use the right stake size.  When first starting casino offers, in particular with a small bankroll, it is vital that you stick to very small stake sizes otherwise you will be risking large losses.  This should be approached as follows:

  • Slots: “Max Lines Min Stakes”: all slots have a certain number of paylines or lines. A line is simply a path from the left reel to the right reel. If you have matching symbols on a path you will win.  On some slots, you will be given the option to adjust the number of lines that you wish to play. We always want to use the maximum number of lines, so you should never change this. What we can however change is how much we bet per line.  For this, we want to use the minimum bet possible, which is normally 1 pence times the number of lines of the slot. Most slots have 10, 20, or 25 lines, meaning we should be using 10p, 20p or 25p spins. The exception to this rule comes when we are wagering bonus money – but we will cover this later!

  • Blackjack: most computerised blackjack games have a minimum stake amount of £1, which is what we should use.  Some blackjack games will allow you to play more than one hand at once (some up to 5). Doing this increases our variance, so whilst you have a small bankroll, we would recommend only playing one, or at the most two, £1 blackjack hands at any one time. 

  • Roulette: you should stick to £1 bets on even money bets (being Red or Black, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36).  These are the lowest variance options on roulette. Betting on things like thirds, columns, single numbers etc will unnecessarily increase your risk and so should be avoided. 

Only when you have a bankroll of over £1000 should you even consider switching to higher stake sizes – otherwise you could be taking too much risk.   

Welcome Offers

Risk-Free Welcome Offers (About £10 EV)

These are offers where a casino will give you some kind of reward for signing up, without needing to deposit any of your own money.  These can be a good way to get used to using casino sites, doing promotions, and playing casino games.  In the getting started section of the Welcome Offers page, you will find 6 risk-free free spin offers that are currently available, with an Expected Value of about £12.  

Low Risk Welcome Offers (About £500 EV)

Once you are happy with the contents of our getting started guides, and have completed the risk-free offers, you should start looking at the low risk Welcome Offers.  The welcome offers page has been laid out such that you should start with offers at the top of the page (in particular those in the Getting Started and Essential Welcome Offers sections) and then gradually work your way down the page.  However you will notice that a number of the welcome offers are only suitable for those with a larger bankroll. You should therefore make sure you use our bankroll filter to filter the page to show only offers that are suitable for you.   

At the time of writing, setting the bankroll filter to 100 on the Welcome Offers page will show approximately 35 offers which are available to you, with an expected value of just over £300, or by setting it to 200 you should have nearer 50 offers available with EV of about £500.   You should start with the offers in the getting started and essential welcome offers sections, before progressing to the other sections, such as free spins, bonus wagering and cashback offers. You will see casino guides in some of the offer sections of the welcome offers page. It is strongly recommended that you read any guides before completing any offers in that section.   

Having completed these offers, you will hopefully have achieved a nice profit and your bankroll will be starting to grow.  As your bankroll grows, you can increase the number in the bankroll filter to show any offers which you can now safely complete.

Reload Offers

Whilst you should certainly begin your low risk casino journey by completing a number of welcome offers, you do not need to have completed all of these offers before starting to look at reload offers.  Reload offers are promotions that are offered to existing customers. Whilst some of the reload offers won’t be available to you until you have built up your bankroll, there will be reload offers that you can start to look at quite quickly after completing some of the welcome offers.

Daily Free Games (£20+ EV/week)

Daily Free Games are games offered by casinos, which, as the name suggests, are free to play, and are available daily,  With these daily free games, you have the chance to win prizes, such as free spins, bonuses and cash. Given these are free to play, they are risk free, so as soon as you have signed up to a casino which offers a Daily Free Game, you can start to do it.  A good example that you will quickly have available to you are 5 of the casinos in the Essential Welcome Offers section – Heart Bingo, Starspins, Jackpot Joy, Virgin Games and Monopoly Casino. These casinos all have an excellent daily free game, where you might regularly win free spins with no wagering, so as soon as you have completed their welcome offers, it is worth doing the daily free games.   You can find a list of all the currently available games in the Daily Free Games section of the reload offers page. 

One thing to be aware of however, is that some daily free games can give access to new promotions as a prize.  Whilst these offers might be +EV, you should avoid any such offers that are not risk-free, until you have built up your bankroll.  

For more information on Daily Games, please see our guide here.  

Low Risk Reload Offers (£50-£100 EV/week)

Like with the Daily Free Games, once you have completed some of the welcome offers, you may find that you have reload offers available to you.  Just like with the welcome offers, you should set the bankroll filter to your current bankroll amount, to show exactly which reload offers you are able to complete.  As long as you have sufficient bankroll, and understand the instructions of the offer, you can complete that reload offer. However, once you have done a reload offer on a casino, you will probably no longer be able to complete the welcome offer, so you should always make sure you have completed the welcome offer for a casino first, before considering moving onto their reload offers. 

Cashback Offers

Some of the casinos that we post reload offers for, such as Aspers, do not have a welcome offer that is worth doing – because they are high risk offers.  Instead, some have a cashback offer, which you can find in the Cashback Offers section of the welcome offers page. Once you have a sufficient bankroll, it is worth doing these cashback offers, because they are +EV, and they will give you access to the reload offers, however it is worth bearing in mind that cashback sites can take over a month to pay out cashback, so these aren’t a great way to build your bankroll.

Sports Offers To Build Bankroll

Whilst following this guide should give you a really strong chance of achieving a profit, unfortunately it is possible that you experience some poor variance early on.  If you find your total bankroll dropping below £100, or you find yourself without casino offers to do, then we would really recommend using matched betting to build up your bankroll.   Make sure you are completing the Sports Welcome Offers, for guaranteed profit, as well as reload offers such as bet clubs and price, information on which can be found on the Team Profit Reloads Page and the Team Profit Blog.   


Take Your Time

Whilst we understand if you are keen to make the most of your trial week, or your first month, there really is no hurry.  We would really encourage you to take your time. Give the Getting Started guides a thorough read, watch all the videos, and then contact us if you ever have any questions whatsoever!  And then don’t rush into the offers as this can lead to mistakes. Set yourself realistic goals, such as completing 2 new welcome offers per day, and then take it from there.

Let Your Bankroll Grow

We’ve touched on this already, but it really is important.  If you are able to, as a beginner we would strongly encourage you to try and avoid withdrawing any profits from your bankroll until, ideally, you have built up a bankroll of over £1,000.  This way, you will be able to do an increasing number of offers, and will also have the bankroll in place to withstand any periods of bad variance.

Check Out Our Casino Guides

On top of the Getting Started section, we also have our Casino Guides section, which features more than 30 guides.  Whilst we wouldn’t say that you need to go away and read all of these, do bear in mind that there is a massive amount of information available here, and lots of it could be useful to you.

Have The Right Mindset 

Having the right mindset is extremely important to consistently profiting from low risk casino offers.  By having the right mindset, you should be able to remove the emotion from casino offers, which will allow you to hit more offers, avoid the temptation to gamble, and in the long run, make more money!   Find out more here.

Don’t Be Tempted To Gamble

For some people there will be a temptation to gamble when completing casino offers.  It is really important that you resist any urge to gamble, and do not use casinos for anything other than the offers that we recommend.  Our responsible gambling guide is a very useful read for more information.

Ask questions!

We know that first starting low risk casino offers can be daunting, but we’re hear to help you every step of the way, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.  You can contact us via live chat, email or the member’s Facebook Group!