Responsible Gambling When Doing Casino Offers

Casino offers aren't risk free, but with the right approach they can be very profitable.

There will be times where you have money in your accounts, or have lost money on an offer, and there could be a temptation to gamble.

This guide will help curb those temptations, and offer advice on how to avoid getting into a bad situation.

Slots Designs

Slots are designed to suck you in and keep you playing as that’s how the casinos will make their money.

The only time we should play slots is when there’s a promotion that we can take advantage of. At no point should you ever play slots with your own money unless doing an offer.

They use sounds, flashing animations and “exciting” bonus rounds to grab your attention. But the odds are massively in their favour.

A slot is a glorified random number generator. It's simply a computer program that will tell you if you win or not, but they mask it with all of these gimmicks and sounds to make it seem like you have a better chance of winning and to “enhance” your gameplay. 

Turn Off Sounds & Minimize Screen

Despite the flashy images and mesmerizing sounds, slots are simply a random number generator that decide whether you win or lose.

So what's our advice?

Turn the sound off The sound is one of the factors that cause people to keep playing slots. The music is made to attract you to the game and keep playing it.

“Just one more spin”

As soon you’ve finished the promotion, STOP! It’s far too easy to keep clicking spin and do 1 or 2 more. Don’t let this happen as you can start losing and will almost always end up chasing the losses.

Don't Chase Losses

Most casino offers are fairly low risk, but it is normal to lose money on some offers.

Whenever you lose money, the natural reaction is to want it back.

There’s been horror stories posted over the years on various forums about people chasing losses. £5 can turn into £20 which can turn into £100, and it does happen. If you ever feel like your chasing losses then simply stop – and read the next part, below:

Walk Away, Think, and Record

You shouldn’t be gambling without offers, and you shouldn’t chase your losses.

If for whatever reason you’ve gambled and you’ve lost money, you simply need to stop, get up, close the laptop, and take a walk.

It’s easy to say, but do it. You will be angry and you’ll want the money back, but chasing the loss will make things worse.

Casino offers are still there and with a little discipline you will be able to pick yourself up and carry on – make back what you lost plus more.

Record your loss. If you write down how much you’ve lost, you’re very unlikely to do it again.

It will be a thing to reference when you next get the urge, and will tell you not to do it again.

People will sometimes gamble once and lose, say they’ll never do it again and then a few months later do it all over again. Whatever situation you’re in – record it. And NEVER do it again.

Stop Doing Casino Offers

For many of you, you will never have used an online casino before signing up to Team Casino.

That means we’ve introduced you to the world of casinos and so have a duty of care to make sure you’re not vulnerable to gambling. What we do is low risk, but seeing money in casino accounts can make some people want to gamble.

So if you do have a problem and it keeps happening over and over again, then the best decision is to remove yourself from the situation all together.

And we mean it. Stop using Team Casino, stop using Team Profit, and stop using casino websites. It’s not worth your time as you’re losing money and your mental health is far more important. Stop using casinos all together and the problem will not be there.

And if you do feel like it’s becoming a big problem, then there are places you can get help. Please see one of the websites below.