Gamesys Group

There are six online casinos that are all operated by Gamesys Group. These are:

  • Double Bubble Bingo
  • Virgin Games
  • Jackpot Joy
  • Monopoly Casino
  • Megaways Casino
  • Rainbow Riches

By signing up to each of them, and following this guide, we can expect to make about £60 profit on average.

We have created this guide to make this as simple and profitable as possible.

Element EV Per Site Total EV
Marketing Preferences £2 £12
30 Free Spins Offer £5.70 £34.20
Second Welcome Treat £0.95 £5.70
Daily Free Game £1 £5
Total EV £9.65 £57.90

How To Sign Up

On our Welcome Offers Dashboard you will find detailed step by step instructions on how to complete each offer.

Before we get to that, this guide will briefly explain the different methods to use to maximise your profit from signing up to each casino.

It's well worth giving this a quick read before getting stuck into the offers!

Marketing Preferences

When signing up, you will be asked about your marketing preferences.

We recommend you initially opt out of the marketing preferences when signing up.

Within 24 hours of joining, you should then see an offer under promotions, offering a cash reward for opting into all marketing.

This should give you a cash reward of about £2 per casino.

Gamesys Casinos do occasionally send out worthwhile reload offers. So make sure you later opt into marketing channels (particularly email) to avoid missing any offers. You can update this within your account settings.

Wager £10 for 30 Free Spins

Once signed up, we can wager £10 to unlock our free spins.

Given its high RTP, using blackjack is strongly recommended with a £1 hand size.

Alternatively, you could do £1 spins on red or black on roulette, though this has a lower RTP.

Once you have wagered £10, you should get a pop up saying that your bonus has been awarded. Click ‘Play free Spins'.

You will then be taken to the slot on which the free spins must be played. Once you've opened the slot, just click the free spin button to play each spin. 

Welcome Treat 2

You should now be offered a new promotion suggesting that you can win a prize via a box bonanza by playing £5 for 3 days.

A box bonanza game is simply where you choose a box, and are then awarded a cash prize, with no wagering.

By doing the free spins offer, we have already completed day 1. So we simply have to wager £5 on blackjack on 2 further days to qualify for the box bonanza.

You will then receive a pop up message to say that you have qualified. Your box bonanza game will be available to play one week after becoming a member of the site.

Set a reminder for when the box bonanza game will become available, and then just login to see it waiting in your promotions.

Daily Free Games

These casinos all offer a Daily Free Game. As the name suggests, these can be played every day, at no cost.

On these games you have a chance to win free spins or cash prizes, and so are worth doing.

Members often reporting receiving more free spins from these daily free games during their first week of signing up. So it's worth starting to complete these games each day as soon as you sign up.

Whilst the expected profits from these games is quite low, they are very quick to complete, and completely risk free.  So it's well worth giving them a go.

We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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