Money Management


You will often hear us talking about bankroll.

Bankroll is the amount of money that you have set aside to do casino offers.

Our bankroll dictates which offers we can safely do, without taking too much risk.

Every single offer that you see on Team Casino will come with a bankroll recommendation. This is the number next to the Piggy Bank symbol.

You should only start an offer if you have at least as much bankroll as the guide recommends.  Otherwise, you may be taking too much of a risk.

Why Is Bankroll Higher Than The Deposit Amount?

The bankroll recommendation will always exceed the money required to complete the offer.

For instance, an offer that requires you to wager £20, might have a bankroll recommendation of £400.

This is because we should have enough money set aside to always be able to tolerate any periods of bad variance.

For example, let's say you only had £50, and you completed an offer that required you to wager £20, and you finished £10 down.

If you had 4 similar results (unlikely but possible), you would completely lose your bankroll.

The bankroll recommendation is there to ensure you can withstand bad variance.  This will allow you to keep doing offers and give you the best chance of building some nice profits.

Bankroll Filter

Team Casino has a Bankroll Filter. You'll find this in the filters section at the top of the welcome offer and reload offers pages.

Enter your bankroll amount into the filter box.  It will then filter the offers to only show those which you have a suitable bankroll for.

Stake Sizing

Stick to the minimum spin sizes to reduce your variance.

For slots, this means a spin size of about 10p-25p.

Most computerised blackjack games have a minimum stake of £1, which is what we should use.  Avoid live casino blackjack for now.

Some blackjack games allow you to play more than one hand at once (some up to 5).  Doing this increases our variance.  Whilst you have a small bankroll, we would recommend only playing one, or at the most two, £1 blackjack hands at a time.

For roulette, stick to £1 stakes on even money bets.  This means betting on Red or Black, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36.  These are the lowest variance options.

For mobile users, you may need to scroll right to see the full table.  

Your Bankroll Slot Spin Size Blackjack & Roulette
Up to £1,000 10p, 20p or 25p 50p or £1
£1,000 to £2,000 up to 50p up to £2
£2,000+ up to £1 up to £5

Let Your Bankroll Grow

Try to avoid withdrawing any profits from your bankroll until you have built up a bankroll of over £1,000.

You will then be able to do an increasing number of offers.  You'll also have the bankroll in place to withstand any periods of bad variance.

£100 Bankroll – Which Offers To Do?

Make sure you check out the guide: ‘Smashing Offers With A Small Bankroll’.  This is near the top of the welcome offers page.

You should start casino offers with at least £100 bankroll. Only do the offers that you have a suitable bankroll for, and stick to the smallest spin sizes.

Your focus should be on trying to build up your bankroll to £300+.

On the welcome offers page, start with the Getting Started And Essential Offers and then work down the list.  You should find at least 60 offers requiring only £100 bankroll, with an EV of about £400.

You can also start to do a handful of the Reload Offers. Specifically the ‘Daily Free Games‘, and any ‘Risk Free’ Reload Offers.  The welcome offers will generally be much more profitable, so you should focus on these first!

£300 Bankroll – Which Offers To Do?

You now have a sufficient bankroll to do many of the welcome offers listed on the welcome offers page. But be careful as some do require a higher bankroll.

You can start doing some of the ‘Low Risk’ Reload Offers too. There will new offers every day. Just be careful to only do those that you have the bankroll for.

Between all these offers, you’ll hopefully be hitting £1000+ bankroll sooner or later!

£1000+ Bankroll

Now you can start to consider the ‘Medium Risk‘ Welcome Offers and Reload Offers. But bear in mind that these are higher variance. Consider not only bankroll, but also whether you have the right mindset to tolerate the possible losses.

You could also consider raising your bet sizes slightly if you are comfortable with the increased variance. A good rule of thumb is the following:

When To Withdraw

Whilst new to casino offers, we would recommend withdrawing after completing each offer.

This will allow you to keep re-using your bankroll to complete more offers.

Once you begin reload offers, you will find that you are using the same casinos frequently – some on a daily basis.

As your bankroll grows, and you start to do more offers, you can leave some money in the accounts that you use most often. But, there is no point in leaving more money in bookmaker/casino accounts than you are going to need.

If a balance starts to exceed how much you think you’re going to use for future offers, then withdraw some of it.  Any casinos that you don’t use very often, you can withdraw from after completing each offer.