Why You Should Wager Your Deposits

You will sometimes earn a reward, like free spins, just for making a deposit.

For instance: ‘Deposit £50 get 50 free spins’.

The temptation will be to deposit, play the free spins, and then withdraw. This means you have not wagered any of the money that you deposited.

In this guide we explain why this is usually a bad idea, and what you should do instead.

Casino Gubbings

Casinos know that people will exploit their promotions.

Casinos will try to identify these people, because they cost them money.

One of the easiest ways to do this, is to see if people are wagering their deposits.

If they aren't, they are clearly abusing the promotions.

Some casinos will state that all deposits must be wagered 1x before withdrawing. If not, they can block withdrawal attempts and take your free spin winnings.

If this keeps happening, a casino may choose to stop offering you any promotions with them.

When To Wager Your Deposits

The majority of our profits are going to come from reload offers. So, we don’t want casinos to stop us from doing their offers!

Whenever we are doing a promotion with a casino that runs reload offers, we should be wagering our deposits.

Occasionally, we post a welcome offer with a casino that we don’t expect to see good reload offers from. In which case we might say it isn't necessary to wager your deposit.

Otherwise, you should always assume that it is a good idea to do so.

How To Wager Your Deposits

Blackjack is by far the best way to wager your deposits.

Given it has a 99.5% RTP when using the blackjack strategy, we would only expect to lose 10p when wagering a £20 deposit!

This is a small price to pay to hopefully keeping those reload offers flowing!

Stick to £1 hands, and make sure you follow the blackjack strategy.

Blackjack is preferable over roulette, which has a 97.3% RTP, and slots, which can have an RTP as low as 90%.

But I Keep Losing Money From Wagering My Deposits?

It might feel like deposit wagering is costing you money, and undoing the profits that you are making.

Like with any offer, you have to trust the RTP, and remember that deposit wagering is a crucial part of doing offers.

Instead of deposit £20 for 20 free spins, try to see the offer as Deposit and Wager £20 for 20 free spins.

Sometimes you will lose money wagering your deposit. But other times you will make a profit wagering your deposit.

The key thing is that, with an RTP of 99.5%, in the long run, wagering our deposits on blackjack costs us very little.

All Other Offers

For any offer which requires wagering already, such as “Wager £10 for 10 Free Spins”, there is no need to do any extra wagering. Wager the £10 for the 10 free spins, and then that is the offer completed.