Charlotte – Member Interview

Charlotte joined Team Casino whilst on maternity leave. In her first month, she achieved an amazing £1,200 profit!

Charlotte had never completed a casino offer, or done matched betting before. So this was an amazing achievement!

Today Charlotte share's her top tips, schedule, and lots more useful info!

  • Name: Charlotte Melling

  • Average EV Per Week: £200-£250

  • Average Hours Per Week: 28

  • Starting Bankroll: £500

EV/Profit Graph

  • Month 1 EV: £1,332.31

  • Month 1 Profit: £1,202.49

So…  One month in… How is it going?

It’s going so much better than I thought! My husband has been telling me to do casino for ages and I kept putting it off.

What made you interested in starting casino offers?

My husband did matched betting and is gubbed from most of the bookies now. He didn’t want to do casino so asked me to give it a go and I’m so glad I did!

Did you do any casino offers before joining?

No nothing. My husband is on Team Profit and sent me the link to join Team Casino. I started day one with you guys.

What made you decide to take the plunge and join Team Casino?

I’m due to go back to work after maternity leave in March. I took the full 12 months and in the last 3 months you don’t get any maternity pay so I was looking for ways to make an extra income.

Do you still have any reservations one month in?

None at all! The only thing I’m disappointed about is my husband didn’t think you could get gubbed from casino. I’ve found that you can!

It’s a shame haha, but there are so many casinos so I’m not too worried. 

How are you fitting casino into your schedule?

I never did matched betting but I watched my husband and saw how hard it could be to schedule. He had to bet at certain times, cash out and other things which meant he had to be free at the right time.

With two under 3 that isn't possible, whereas casino offers I can do as I please. In a day I do about 4/5 hours atm. I do the free games before I get out of bed in the morning, then the easier low risk reloads. I save the harder offers for once the boys are in bed.

I haven’t tried many medium risk offers yet. I could spend less time and focus on the higher value offers, but at the moment I’m enjoying doing all the daily free games etc.

Do you have any tips for people thinking about joining Team Casino?

Honestly just do it!

The guides are amazing, and I thought that after the first month of welcome offers you wouldn’t be able to make much money, I was SO wrong! 

There are so many reload offers once you finish the welcome ones!

How easy/ difficult have you found it to start and learn?

I’ve never played casino before.  I even went to Vegas about 4 years ago and didn’t bet!! So I didn’t have a clue and I’ve picked it all up pretty much. The Team Casino guides and videos made it so easy to get started.

What tools and guides do you find particularly handy?

I love the Team Casino guides and I use them everyday. I wouldn’t have a clue without them!

I followed all the instructions for the welcome offers. Now for the reload offers, I work my way from the start to end of the low risk offers list.

I love the profit tracker and seeing how it keeps tabs of your results.

I wouldn’t have made anywhere near the profits I have in 6 weeks if it wasn’t for TC. Worth every penny!!

Have you set targets for 2020?

I made £1,200 in my first month with Team Casino.

I know I won't maintain that, but If I can carry on making £500 EV per month I’ll be delighted!

An amazing 1st month Charlotte!  Many thanks for taking the time to speak with us!

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