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Josh Hughes
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Once you’ve signed up to lots of casinos, you’ll probably find that you start to receive some invite offers.

These can be sent to you by email, or you might win them from the various daily free games.  

These offers might be unique to you, so they won’t always be featured on our Reload Offers page.  

If so, you might feel a little unsure on what to do.  

After all, there's lots to think about, like:

  • Is the offer +EV?

  • Does the casino use cash before bonus?

  • What steps do I take to complete the offer?

  • Which games should I use? 

To ensure you can quickly find the information that you need, and easily smash invite offers, we’ve launched an amazing new feature, a Casino Database! 

We’re confident that you are going to find this tool really useful.   

The Casino Database will:

  • Tell you whether a casino uses cash or bonus first

  • Give you step-by-step instructions to common invite offers

  • Allow you to quickly add invite offers to your profit tracker, including a customisable Expected Value (EV) from our EV simulator 

  • Allow you to mark invite offers as pending, and quickly show you which offers you have outstanding.  

Searching For A Casino

So you’ve received an invite offer, and you’re not sure how to approach it.  

It’s time to open up the Casino Database 

Start typing in the name of the casino and select it from the dropdown list.

You will then see important information about the casino, such as whether they use cash or bonus funds first.  

Invite Offers

Below this, you will find the Invite Offers section.

This is where you will find guides to any common Invite Offers that this casino has been known to run. 

Specific Offer Guides 

There are some invite offers where the format does not change. 

Such as the Gamesy Deposit £10 Get £10 Bonus offers, which members sometimes receive by email. 

The Casino Database will show specific offer guides in exactly the same format as you’re used to in the Welcome Offers and Reload Offers. 

You’ll see an EV, time and bankroll recommendation, as well as step by step instructions to complete the offer. 

Once you have completed the offer, just click the ‘complete’ button as you normally would, enter your profit or loss, and then click save. 

The offer will then be added to your profit tracker. 

Offer Templates

There are some invite offers where the exact details of the offer change.  

For instance, Foxy Games regularly send members an offer to wager for free spins, but there are lots of factors that can vary, such as:

  • The wagering amount – usually £10 or £20

  • The number of free spins – sometimes 10, 20 or 50 free spins 

  • The value of the free spins – spins can be worth 10p or 20p each, and the eligible slot’s RTP varies 

Even though the exact details of these offers can change, the way in which you approach them is normally very similar each time.  

Because of this, we have created template guides.

Template Offer Guides are designed to give you a general outline for how to approach an offer, regardless of the exact details, like the number of free spins received. 

For template offers, you won’t see the EV, time or bankroll recommendations displayed, because these will vary depending on your exact offer. 

Customisable EV

The EV of invite offers often depends on the exact details of the offer that you receive, and how you choose to approach it.  

All of the invite offers in the database feature the option to input your own EV value. 

The database will tell you how to complete the offer, and you can then use our EV Simulator to get your EV estimate. 

Once you have done the offer click complete, and enter your offer profit or loss as normal.

Then click the edit EV button, and enter your offer EV.

Then just click save to add this to your profit tracker. 

For more information on using the EV Simulator, check out our EV Simulator Guide.

Pending Invite Offers

Just like other reload offers, invite offers sometimes can’t be completed in one go.  

Perhaps the free spins are credited at a later date, or there are large wagering requirements that you want to complete over two sessions.

To help you can keep track, you can quickly mark invite offers as pending.  

Just select the ‘Free Spins/Bonus Later’ box, input your profit or loss from the initial wagering, and then click save.

Pending invite or custom offers will then be displayed when you first arrive on the Casino Database page.

These can be marked as complete just like you would a pending welcome or reload offer.

Just select ‘Complete’, enter in your profit from the reward (like free spins or a bonus) and then click ‘Save’.  

Add Custom Offer

Sometimes you may receive an invite offer that is not covered in our database. 

This can be quickly added to your Profit Tracker, from the Casino Database, by selecting the following button:

Then just fill out the offer details, like the casino name and EV, plus your profit or loss, and then click ‘save offer’ to add it to your profit tracker.

And of course…

If you are at all unsure on how to complete a custom offer, then please do contact us. A member of the team will be more than happy to assist you.

We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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