It’s almost time to get stuck into your first offers, exciting!

But first, this guide will explain how to use our welcome offers page and some handy tools to help you get started.

Welcome Offers Dashboard

Once you’re happy with the getting started guides, and have asked us any questions that you have, it’s time to start on the welcome offers.

The Welcome Offers Dashboard lists all the worthwhile welcome offers. It gives detailed step-by-step instructions for each offer.

Welcome Offer Categories

There are almost 100 welcome offers currently available, so knowing where to start could be tricky.

We have organised the offers into 11 categories. These organise the offers based upon the offer’s format, how complicated it is, and the level of risk.

All you need to do is start with the offers at the top of the page, and then work your way down through the categories.

This means starting with the Getting Started and Essential Offers. Then Free Spins, Bonus Wagering, Live Casino etc.

Offer Formatting

All offers on Team Casino are in the same format. This makes it quick and easy for you to understand the main details of an offer, and how to approach it.

For each offer, you will notice four icons at the top with numbers next to them.  These each represent an important piece of offer info, as follows:

Piggy Bank Icon: The bankroll recommendation (discussed in the money management guide).

Time: An estimate of how long the offer will take.

EV: The offer’s Expected Value

EV Per Hour: The estimated EV per hour.

You will also see the following options:

Show Details: Click this to view the offer’s step by step instructions

Go To Offer: Clicking this will take you to the promotions page

Hide: If you don’t plan to complete the offer, you can click hide and it will move to your hidden offers folder.

Suggested Guides

As you work through the Welcome Offers Dashboard, you’ll come across various guides, such as the following:

These guides contain valuable information that will build your knowledge as you work through the offers.

Each guide only takes a few minutes to read. We would highly recommend that you spend a little time reading each guide as you come to them.

Use The Profit Tracker

Tracking your progress is an important part of casino offers.

Our Profit Tracker means you can track the profit and EV of every offer that you complete.

This is super easy to use, and we’d highly recommend you use this tool.

When you complete an offer, simply click the green Complete button. You will then see the following:

In the completed offer profit box, enter the profit or loss (for example -1.72) that you achieved. Then click the yellow box, ‘Save’, to save your result.

This will remove the offer from your available list, and update your profit tracker.

Viewing Your Results

The ‘My History’ section is where you can view your complete casino history.

This section is split into three tabs: Profit Chart, Offer History and Balance Tracker.

The profit chart tab allows you to view your results in graph form, using various settings.

Offer History allows you to view a complete listing of all the offers that you have completed.

If you entered something incorrectly into your tracker, you can edit this from here.

Balance Tracker

Keeping track of your bankroll is an important part of completing casino offers.

Team Casino features a balance tracker tool which can make it super easy to always know where your money is.

Check out our Balance Tracker Guide for more information.

Next Steps

You have now completed our Getting Started Tutorials!

The next step is to go to our Welcome Offers Dashboard and get stuck into your first offers.

If you have any questions at any time, please do get in contact with us. Our support team is available on live chat from 9AM-9:30 PM 7 days a week, or you can email us on [email protected]

We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need!